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According to the coach Bruce Alians, the center A.Q. Xpre (A.Q. Shipley) accepted the core muscle group surgery. He was injured in the game last season, and the injury problem has been plaguing him to the break, so the surgery is in the reason.

In my tireless efforts, and finally, October 15 afternoon, the magnificent northern motherland, the beautiful grasslands of Inner Mongolia’s first time in the history of rugby & mdash; & mdash; 2017NFL Chinese flag football game Hohhot Division campaign officially opened curtain!

Miller told ESPN reporter: “If I have a decision, Mande is already preparing to come to Denver’s way, but because there are people who do decisions in the office, they will make decisions for the next champion. Anyway, I will It’s right, just listen to them. “

The proximal edue Hurt will receive foot surgery 3 to 4 weeksOn August 25th, this year, this year, this year, Baltimore Crow with the first round of the first round of the new show, the HAYDEN HURST, will receive foot surgery, it is very likely to absence the 2018 whole season.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Garafolo, the new show has a serious contusion (FRACTURE), will be installed in his foot steel on Friday’s Friday. Nail surgery. Hetes is likely to be except for 3 to 4 weeks, which will not give him a training camp in 2018.

This first round of the first round selected from the University of South Carolina, before entering the university, once as a basketball player stayed in a small basketball league, the crow chose two in the 2018 draft. A close-end strike, one is the first round of Shitas and the other is the three-wheeled show Mark Andrews to maintain the stability of the offensive group.

Did not forget the early heart and move on. The Ins and Outs review Hohhot Division activities, I am deeply long way to go. Fortunately, magnificent grasslands of Inner Mongolia in the development of football has its unique advantages, it is very suitable for physical fitness prairie people practice the sport.

Sapphire center A.Q. Xpray accepted core muscle group surgeryOffering the only one of the only one in the Red Champion-Bucannon (DEONE BUCANNON) is not the only person who can’t participate in the rest during postoperative recovery.

Pirates passed the attack with Gordin, external hand Mac-Evans (Mike Evans), near-Terrier Oj Howard and Cameron Brate These offensive weapons, Sovereignalliance.org Braddy can speak hand Amazing. Last Saimis Winston served as the first quarter-saving time, the pirates promoted the third, and the field score ranks third.

The next process gone through hardships. Most have been held in other arenas of experience, and is operated by local groups. However, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and even in most parts of the country northwest, has not been carried out with the football-related activities.

He is considered to be the best player in the quality of this year. If the Mississippi University attack is flexible, Laremy Tunsil is flexible, and Ramsse may be the best candidator recognized this year. Ramse is the ability of corner, safety and slot, and the ability to guard and MDash; & mdash; and do excellent & mdash; & mdash; let him value in the alliance that is now attaching to attack.

Unfortunately, you must wait until Hetz injury returns. The crow hopes that he will relieve the pressure of the external hand of the offensive group, but the foot injury may make this young neighborhood ability to hit a big question mark.

The pirates take over Gordin: need to establish a tacit understanding with Tom BraddySigning Tom Braddy in Tampa Buli as a new first quarter-off, the pirates taken after the Chris Godwin, knowing the outside world is highly sent to their performance in the 2020 season. expect. He knows that unless the team can reach the expectations, it is empty talk.

In this year’s break, the external take-away should be a unique challenge to establish a tacit understanding and new quarter-saving. Golden has taken into consideration to pick up Braddy’s front team friend, but finally think that there will be no use.

The former Florida University defensive defender wants to be a championship because he believes that he is the best player in the draft. “This is something I have always,” said Rams. “This is my goal, I want them to pick me because they know that I am the best player in this year’s draft instead of I am from Tennessee.” That is just a tidth. “

Due to local people know little about football, I pick up the phone and address book of friends eleven exchanges, to introduce detailed football, NFL, flag football game and the Division of Hohhot, and hope that we can come to the scene personally experience the charm of football.

“The expectations before the start of the season are very easy, but in the end, we still have to try our best to achieve the goal of our hopes,” Golden said on Thursday. “The paper is talking about it. But if we show bad, everything is empty.”

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