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The Saint Picks Dadport in the election first round. The coach Shan Payton and the team management have seen this movement of the defensive end of this movement. It is an important puzzle for winning the lattice.

In addition to the stunning performance of the first game, Darnod playing the stupidity is not only this time. He is currently 14 times, and the league is most, and it is also killed twice, and the ball is 4 times. However, the jet seems to continue to let Darnod pick up the girders, rather than let the old Josh McCown continue to go.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Daxieport thumb was injured according to the informed message and needs to receive ligament surgery. Davenport is expected to wear plaster after 3 weeks after receiving surgery and then take two weeks to heal.

How is the Hawk won the game through a draft?The great team is built through the draft, and the rotten team is established through the free market. This is a good news for the Seattle Eagle’s fans because their team’s management is better than any team in the league.

Jet quartz Sanord: I am stupid on Sunday.On November 6th, I received an interview on Monday, Http://Lambertscove.Com/ and Sam Darnold showed a self-blame. He believed that his performance is one of the reasons for the team failure.

This year’s Hawks can take advantage of the performance of most positions, this shows that they are not only to improve players, the most important thing is that they can make the team’s salary space is always adjustable. This year, the Hawks have four compensation, which is more than any team, this is a good start, but the most important thing is to ensure the flexibility of the salary.

Darnard said that when he passed the ball, he had to make a smarter decision: “I didn’t play my best level yesterday, most of which is even stupid. I think myself is very stupid. I Need better. I am clear, the coach is clear, everyone is clear. “

Atlanta held its 53rd super bowl. This is the third time to hold a super bowl, but the first time is still built and is expected to be the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the new home of Atlantan Feman New home. “We believe that Mercedes-Benz Stadium is an ideal place for host superbals.” Falcon Board Arthur Blank said. “Thank all fans and the support of the public.”

Los Angeles received the host rights of the 55th Super Bowl of the 55th year of 2021. NFL President Roger Gudell, the new stadium of the Los Angeles ram will be “not only for the ram, not only for the Los Angeles fans, but is transformative for the entire NFL.”

US Time Monday, according to the Pony Occurrence Frank Reich, replace the left cut Ruiwen-Clark (Le & # 39; Raven Clark) tendon, will be reimbursed. At present, Anthony Castonzo (knee injury) has no clear return time.

According to the charter of the player, a player must be signed with the new broker after five days, so Maxville can’t sign a new broker this week. In addition, the crowded Charit has a high reputation in the circle, but he refused to comment on this matter.

Super Bowl will hold Super Bowl, Los Angeles, South Florida, Los AngelesNFL announced the 53rd, 54th and 55th Super Bowl of the 53rd, 54th and 55th Super Bowl at Nfl Tuesday. Atlanta, South Florida and Los Angeles have got a hosted qualification.

Sea Eagle Corner Maxville Dangduan Commerce The 2015 NFL free player market is officially opened and less than a week, and the Seattle Sea Eagle is trying to replace its own agent. It is reported that Maxville has fired the original Jess Chayut and will hold hands with another broker next week.

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