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Schneider has been willing to increase the right to draft this year. At present, the Haiying is just four draft rights. Although the transaction walks Clarke will leave a huge vulnerability to the defensive group, this is the best chip to increase the election capital in Schneider.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople reported that several teams have said that several teams contacted the Hawks to discuss the transaction Clark, including Indiana Polis, Kansas City chiefs and New York jet.

NFL is expected to open training camp in 7.28, delete the season in the seasonUS time on Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, NFL will agree with the players, will open the training camp at 7.28.

If the packaging works defeats the bad Detroit lions, the saints will be unrequited. If the package is winning the ball and 49 people are in the Seattle Hawks, the Saint is the second seed. If 49 people beat the Hawks and the packages will win the ball, then the saints will become three seeds.

Clark is a talent, and he played his career in his last season. However, the history of allegedly criticism in the University of Clark may affect the team’s willingness to the Hawks and give him a general contract.

In the case of packaging workers and saints, Pelton may pay close attention to the score of the package of this game. If the package work has made great advantages early, he may choose to change the starter in the game.

When training with Denver’s wild horse in mid-August, Watt is particularly mentioned that the new contract is the importance of playing the ball for three years. Watt said: “I think one of the goals of life is to make people to earn some parties. When I talk to you, I didn’t mention the big contract, in fact, they said that we think we feel You can earn this, I don’t know what the Dezhou is thinking, but I am sure that I have made all efforts to the team, and everything I have to put it. I hope to earn me. “In fact, Watt is the third professional season in his 25 years old. The 2012 season he got 20.5 killing leads the entire NFL, and that season he is a benchmark of the entire league defensive player.

J. J. Watt and Texas signed a big contract for $ 100 millionIn mid-August, JJ Watwatt said: “I have a good contract before the regular season.” Now I seem to have heard his voice, just On September 2, Beijing, Watt and Texas signed a 6-year contract with a total value of $ 100 million.

The third quarter, Cossos Sinus expanded the score to 23:10 with his third pass to Deta. The boller is Chris Thompson. Although Demarco Murray quickly broke the score with a 4 yard of the mushroom, Sam Bradford’s drop was lost by Red Leather. A reachable. The red skin has an advantage of 13 points into the final section. 30:17.

It is possible that the Clark’s fair will change the pattern of this year’s draft. John Schneider, General Manager of Haiying, clearly said that he would want to listen to the transaction quote when he faced a reporter last week. It has been reported that the Hawks ask a first round of draft as a return.

The rookie will generally be a group of people from the first to training camp, but the current plan seems to be reported simultaneously. At present, the two sides are still concluded with the training camp specific arrangements, and how to run according to the draft. “

NFL has previously stipulated that all teams must train in the club facility, and they cannot work together with other teams. The Som Mayer Physician, which is the previous player, also suggests that the players will suspend their training.

The performance of the pirate offensive team has been very explosive last season, but it is often dragged down from the Jameis Winston. In the 9th game of the pirate last season, there were 6 fields that were defeat with a gap in a Dao. After Braddy joins, Howard thinks that such a thing will not happen again.

“You see our lineup, compare the offensive group of any team and alliances, we are in the best line,” Howard said. “There is only time to determine how excellent we are. But I think it is from the paper, we are one of the best offensive groups in the alliance, even the best.”

Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, Oj Howard, Ronald Jones, a stable offensive front line. All of these players indicate that the pirate offensive group will perform well in the new season.

Nearly 52 million US dollars in this contract are guaranteed, which also makes Watt have the highest defensive players in NFL income. The highest defensive players in his previous income are Mario Williams, and he is a 6-year 96 million US dollars signed with Buffalo, 50 million there is guaranteed.

“There is a little for Tom, I have seen him in New England, cheap jerseys he has always ensured that there is hope to win the game,” Howard said. “I think this is something he can bring to our team. No matter how the score is or in the first half of the situation, I think you always have the opportunity to win in the last moment. He will ensure that the game is very glued.”

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