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This old will represent he has not disclisted with the team about reconstruction contracts. In his current contract, he will get $ 9.5 million in the next season and get 10 million US dollars in the 2017 season.

It is time to let the bear team fight for a fight, and the four-point Wei Mi Harcy-Trubisky rely on the short pass steadily advancement, the ball starts from the Bear 25 yard line, and has been in half, Finally, I came to the packaging work half a 16-yard line. At the crucial moment, Turbuski lost his gods, and the 3-speed 10 yard passed the ball directly from Adrian AMOS.

After that, the two sides exchange the ball is fruitless, the package worker offensive group finally awakened and opened counterattack mode. The outer hand, Maquez-Waldez Valdes-Scantling, completes 47 yards, directly into the 27-yard line of the bear. After the packaging work, it rely on the short pass to steadily advance, and finally the 8 yards of the close-edge GMG-Graham, the 100-yard balls of Jimmy Graham, and the package workers 7-3 anti-ratios.

Levian – Bell, on the end of July, the individual said albumThe entire Say Season of Pittsburgh Steelman’s fans are waiting for the team and their Runweiravian-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) renewal contract.

This season, the red rickets were lost in the anti-transmission area of ​​309 yards, and the alliance bottom. Despite this, the team is still in the list of the Leaguesee District. If Peterson can lead the second line to further, we have reason to believe that the red scitch will become more horrible.

Bell and other athletes hope that they can become an artist, and the entire sniper Takore has completed their own singing album in the workplace. Last year, Bell released his first mixed video tape “The Interview”, and he issued his first studio album “Post Interview” earlier this year.

The saga of Spitz, thinks that you need to become better.In the top 5 games in this season, Arizona’s red rose star angle Patrick Peterson was poor. When the other party four-point guards pass the ball to his defensive area, you can win 132.4 four-point guards, which are ranked 12th high in all corners of the alliance. At the same time, in his defensive area, the opponent completed 4 times, and this number is also ranked third in the league. Currently, in PFF (Profootballfocus) scoring system, his score column 77th in 103 angular guards.

At the end of the competition, the two teams still did not build trees, unveiled the trend of the battle to abandon the development of the battle. After the dull third section, the packaging is a deadlock in the fourth quarter, and the 39 yards of Matt Crosby will further expand the leading advantage.

Vakaro has performed poor in the overall worse sainn defensive group in 2014, but he performs stable in 16 in the last season. In the rookie season, Wakaro was sent to each location of “In addition to the defensive end and defensive cuts”, and by the former Saint-Defense Coordinator Rob Rob Ryan is the best in the alliance. “Almighty Safety”.

This kind of saying is known, but Wakaro and Team, Jairus Byrd, let Saint have one of the best security combinations of alliances. War Carlo is expected to get $ 5.6 million in a salary in the 2017 season, and he will become a young leader in the defensive group that requires a lot of improvement.

Of course, Lynch will take time to cultivate, but from many ways, Osville is also the case. From the perspective of the team, Elvi’s handling of the four-defense position has made the wild horse a lot of money.

NFL official website reporter Albert Breer reported that the Saint of the Saint has implemented the fifth year of the 2013 new show. In 2013, the election of the 15th line was picked into the first fifth annual contract option for the first year of this year to get the team executed by the team.

After the start of the game, I don’t know if the offensive group of both parties is not good, or the defensive group has played too brave, and the number of points wanted to promote both sides is difficult. The two ball rights before the packaging workers did not get the first attack, all of which were 3 files, and the total lost 17 yards. The bear team is slightly better, but it is only full of 6 files in the first ball. After winning the ball for the second time, the bear team played a 38 yards of Eddy Pineiro, and the soldier stadium broke out. Perhaps Chicago fans finally saw the dawn on the player position. The bear team leads at 0-3 at this time.

[Event Review] cheap nfl jerseys from china 2019 season unveiled, the bears 3:10 is not enemy packageBeijing September 6th, US Time Thursday, a memorable NFL’s first hundred seasons officially unveiled. The first game for the regular season is the Green Bay packaging and the Chicago bear. The two sides are one of the NFLs famous, and the fierce collisions are also expected.

Peterson himself also knows that he needs to behave better. When receiving the local media interview with Arizona, he said: “I have a very bad performance in my recent, as the highest radie of the alliance, I should be one of the best corner of the league. But I don’t worry about the current downturn and accusations. There are 11 games, I will prove my value. “

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