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In the case where another defensive enduezkil-Ans-Ans, the EZKIEL ANSAH is still uncertain, the loss of Hyde means that the strength of the defensive group is sharply weakened. The lion has many excellent players in the defensive group, but the depth of the rushing position lineup is weak.

Kelly was effective in the 1986-1999 season for Buffalobier, and teamed four consecutive times to enter the super bowl, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys but unfortunately, it was finally 铩. He was selected for professional football celebration in 2002.

Kelly said in the picture in the picture: “Along the swelling smile, Hands with a cane, he is officially discharged today! Thank God! Thank you Mark Urken (Mark Urken” doctor, his team and all medical staff Kelly will continue to cultivate two weeks in New York, and then return to Buffalo! Thanks to everyone’s prayers! “

As early as in the preseason, Bridgewater showed amazing adaptability, under the tactical system of Norv Turner, Norv Turner, and the whole team believed that he was ready to take the ball. Team and will grow into the core of the team in the future.

With the reimbursement of Kassel, the first round of new Xi Teddy-BrigDewater will be automatically on this year, assume the first responsibility of the remaining competitions of the season. In the last week’s game, Bridgewater was in danger. In the face of the pressure of the stress, 20 passed 12 times successfully won 150 yards.

Matt – Cassear reimbursement, Bridgewater will be on

In the last week, Ni Niuda, the game challenged the new Orleans Saints, and the Viking people first sent four points to Matt Cassell. Many fractures in the competition, and then quitred the game. At this Wednesday, Viking announced that Kassel was placed in the injury reserve, which also refers to this season.

Hyde is reimbursed due to azo tear season. He was injured in the first preseason of the Lion to defeat Indianapolis Pimers. After the game, the lion coach Jim Card Valdwell said this is a serious injury, indicating today’s bad news.

Petín words means that Man Zeer in a vulnerable position in the team in the next offseason. Brown may find that they hold the top draft pick signed Monday. Man Zeer in the past two years did not grasp the opportunity. If you choose to give Brown his, he can only blame himself.

“You can not repair brain,” 费多罗维奇 said, “It’s anterior cruciate ligament and torn shoulder injury or a different, more serious than they are. I’m worried for several weeks, after all my life I have struggled for this cause, now to say goodbye and it really hurt. I signed a new contract before, Cheap Jerseys From China so I did not want to, but no way, life still has to continue. “

Jim Irsay said in a statement: “We have a portfolio of the general manager of the main coach, it is difficult to say how pride I have for their leaders. I sincerely believe that this team is achievement. Before the great threshold. “

Since 费多罗维奇 did not get a signing bonus, he retired after the Texans will not owe a penny. He still has $ 5.0 million in 2018 full security payments, but if he chose to quit the game because of a concussion, Texans may be security payments reduced to $ 2.8 million.

Balra took office in February 2017 as a successor of Ryan Grigson. After changing the idea of ​​Josh McDaniels, Lake won the job of the coach after returning to the new England Patriots. The two cooperate to build a big list of pony.

Pony and the coach Lake, General Manager Barader will continue to 2026

US time Wednesday, Xiao Ma official announced that the head of Frank Reich and General Manager Chris Ballard has been continued to end in the end of the 2026 season.

Petín said Thursday to reporters Man Zeer performance on the field this season that he can become Brown’s quarterback in the future, but they cautioned that under field problems so that “his success is difficult to continue.”

Man Zeer on Wednesday was officially diagnosed with a concussion and came into the league concussion recovery process. Man Zeer said he had symptoms of concussion occurs when the team came to the base. In the last game Man Zeer rushed the ball 100 yards and made subject to the opponents defenders crashing repeatedly.

Barrard is more willing to supplement talents through drafts compared to heavy gold to the free market. His elevated players include the striker Quenton Nelson, Darius Leonard, Right Diffinal Bradden – Smith (Braden Smith) and Run Jononon – Taylor (Jonathan Taylor). Nielsen’s career has been selected for the best lineup every season, and Ryad has been selected twice.

Texans tight end 费多罗维奇 or retired due to concussion

The end of August last year, the Texans tight end C.J. 费多罗维奇 (C.J. Fiedorowicz) completed a three-year 21.5 million US dollars contract. But 费多罗维奇 early exit might be a stadium.

For Manze Er, this is the end of another disappointing season seed unsatisfactory manner. He passes 223 129 successes 7 touchdowns in the season passes steals 5, made blunt ball 230 yards. This season played 10 times, including six starts (8-4 2).

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