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According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, the ram will sign C.J. Anderson to 53 people list. Although the current team is officially no sound, they have cut off the ball back to attack the Pharoh Cooper, and make a position.

Despite the decline in the semi-section of the season, the 49-person defensive group still ranks second. The Viking offensive group is not good at all times. When Adam Thielen and Run Dalvin Cook At the same time, Viking has won 5 games, and the averaging is 34.6 points, and the 429.4 yard is promoted. However, Simlun’s ankle is cut in the training of the week, and he is listed as an unknown that may not be determined. The Cook as the core player of the Viking offensive group became the first single playoffs in Adrian Peterson, more than 90 yards from the first single game in Adrian Peterson. Players. Compared with 49 people’s excellent pass defense, their mushroom offensive is relatively inferior, and the field makes the opponent’s scorpion 112.6 yards, and the Rank League seven. Of course, in this playoffs, their front line seven people defensive or will usher in the return of DEE FORD and the Return of Kwon Alexander. Ball shock from Nick Bosa, Defrest Buckner, Alik Armstead, and Ford Leaders will bring huge Pressure, and Cook’s performance will also determine whether the Viking’s false running attack can break through the anti-transmission performance of Alexander and Fred Warner composed of wire guards.

Because the Hawks rejected the fifth year of the fifth year of Evan, the original first round of drafts will become a free player in this season, and Evan has completed 16.5 quartz to kill 16.5 four seasons.

Haiying Carol: Evan’s comments are missedThe nearest speech of the Seattle Hawks “Bruce Irvin” I will stay in Atlanta in 2016 “It seems that I don’t understand what everyone understands. The head coach Pitt-Carrol explained.

Anderson has been taking more than two months for the panther this year. After the big list of the raid people, he did not get a chance of war. At the Black Panther, the Head of Christian McCaffrey was a substitute, Andon scored 24 times, promoted 101 yards, he also completed 24 yards to catch the ball.

In recent recently, Carol said that Evan did not announce that he would go to Atlanta next season. He said: “I am very happy that you ask me this question, I chat with him, he has trained in Atlanta in the last few weeks, this is the answer, don’t you want to go home? He said it is just everyone hope, Anyone wants to go home. “

The ram will sign the running guard C. J. Anderson The ram is running Todd Gurley. Although the team believes that he will not have a major problem, it has also hurt the body for the Malcolm Brown. The ram had to seek to supplement some lineup depth.

It is worth noting that the Qi-Dennnison, who is in front of the New York Jet, is currently requiring a four-point New York jet, while Ximeian’s first quarter-breaking coach Greg Knapp (GREG KNAPP) ) At present, the Falcon is considered to be upgraded to the four-point guard position in Atlantan Falc.

In ancient times, there is a group of people running on the ground, kicking the ball, holding ball, throwing the ball and even boxing ball without a particular regular rule. This sport is called football, because the exercise is going to ran on the foot of the ball.

In order to promote the 50th NFL Super Bowl, cheap Nfl jerseys Legend of NFL from Pittsburgh, Troj & Middot; Polamaru and Teammaster Ryan & Middle Dot; Carat, Ak & Middot; Taylor visited China. Shandong Luo Team Goalkeeper Wang Dalei and the three NFL stars have launched a fun interaction of “When Football Meeting Rugby”. Wang Dalery put on the football equipment and felt a taste that was smashed by the super bowl of champion. Polamar has won the NFL Super Bowl of the NFL in 2 degrees, and 8 times selection NFL all-star, which is recognized as the best security guard in NFL history with its hard, tenacious defensive and amazing willpower.

As for Simmita, he will not have too much transaction value. One of the end of the election may be enough to get him, but he may also be cut off by the wild horse. Although it is bad last season, if you keep healthy Si Mian still become a stable substitute.

The growth of American football is mainly due to the competition between universities. As more universities join this sport, the competition rules will evolve until this look. This movement is more like English football, but is different from Europe, which is more than Europe, “Football” continues to be “football”.

This game is two excellent quadrupler. Viking Kirk Kirk Cousins ​​This season’s pass success rate reached 68.6%, averaging 240.3 yards, a total of 27 times, 6 times, passing, and four-point guards Reach 106.7. According to the football focus network, he is the most excellent quarterfield of the outer card. And in 49 people, this game would be the first playoffs of the Jimmy Garoppolo career. In the four-point guard in the first participation in the seasons, Calorobo’s regular winning rate (80.8%) is the highest. He met the success rate of 69.1% this season, a total of 248.6 yards, and a 27-time reached 13 passes was copied, and the quarterfielding reached 102.0. However, the pressure in the playoffs has different, and it is still the pressure on this stage. Compared with Cousins ​​who have experienced multi-game playoffs, Galobo, who is a season of season, needs to address such stress.

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