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Ai Road told reporters: “I may see 10 times every day, I will find it repeatedly until I understand what time I do something wrong, why do you do something wrong? This memory does make me very painful, I will always Will not forget such a game, we should bring it back to Atlanta but we have not been able to do it, we start doing very well, then we are relaxing. “

Chicago local media reported the story of White and cheap jerseys his friends together. White has already got a doctor’s license to participate in running training, but the biggest obstacle is trusting the legs that have been treated. We can think he has across this obstacle.

Hoyell’s broker told reporters: “Even if someone has a $ 5 million, 6 million replacement contracts, Hoyel will still go back to New England to play. Because they will give him a chance to compete, this is what he wants need.”

Eagle pays Nick-Falls, one million signing bonusesOn January 20, according to the ESPN reporter Field Yes, Beijing reported that although it was missed $ 1 million due to the participation of the offensive files, Falls did a signature of $ 1 million. Bonus, the eagle has paid this amount.

Of course, this does not mean that the eagle will definitely let Fall stay in the team. Previously, the Eagle implemented $ 20 million in 2019 option, and Falls paid $ 2 million to buy options. The final eagle may use the team label to Falls and look for opportunities to trade their trading.

This is not the only bonus that Work this season. In the outer card of the Chicago Bear, because Falls participated in more than 33% of the offense and eventually won, he could get $ 1 million. Participating in more than 33% of the offense in the partitioning will also make him revenue $ 500,000.

In August last year, Hoyell lost to the four-wheeled show Galret Stendham in the substitute competition, and was cut off by the patriot. At present, the four-point guards of the patriots include Stiendham and Cody Kessler.

The patriot will sign a quarter of Weiner-HoyerUS Sunday, according to Boston Media reporters reported that the patriot will sign a four-point Weiner-Hoyer for one year. The patriot will pay $ 1050 million, but at the same time Hoyell can also get a pony that needs $ 2 million security funds.

Achi is the son of Pedon and Eliore Core. Cooper himself has served as an external hand in Mississippi, but the player career is ended due to injuries. 247 Sports took Achi to four-star professional style quarter. He is currently playing in Issore, Newman high school in his father and uncle.

The third generation of the Manning family, Achi was rated as the best high school quarterfield in the United States.The high school player professional score website 247 Sport ranked 2023th players, a familiar last name appeared in the top of the ranking. Penon Manning and Eli Manning’s nephew & mdash; & mdash; Achmanning ranked fifth in 2023 players in Quadrupless one.

Hoyel was played in 4 games last season. He played the injured Jacob Bristet (Jacoby Brissett) in the 8th week. . The first battle of Hoyell, the first-year-old pass of the first war, completed 18 times, pushed 204 yards, reached once, being copied 3 times.

If you have kept health, White, Jeffrey and Eddie Royal (Eddie Royal) have the potential to become the most comprehensive and most deadly three-person junction combination in the alliance. At present, this is “if” that all three people can be true.

The third generation of the Manning family won 2438 yards at the high school season, and 6 passed the ball was copied, helping the team to get 9 wins and 2 losses. He has received a scholarship invitation from Louisiana University, University of Alabama, Mississippi University, Tennessee University, University of Georgia, University of Dictors, North Carolina and Duke University.

Bear external connections are expected to fully participate in the rest trainingWhen the Chicago bears started training during Monday, Kevin White is finally capable of participating. White missed the entire rookie season after receiving surgery treatment of tibia stress fractures.

US Time Friday, PEYTON Manning returned to Indianapolis to participate in a child hospital charity, and our Denver wild horse four defense is also the fifth time being asked and about Braddy in the air Playing roles. He said: “As I said, I am very clear about this, he is my friend, he will have always been my friend. I don’t know what happened, so I haven’t said it.”

The stories of the White Race will definitely let the bear fans feel more comfortable at the beginning of the break training. After the Bear team gave up, the Brandon Marshall was abandoned, White was considered to be a partner of Alshon Jeffery in replacing Marshal. But instead they can only rely on Marc Mariani. White’s return is that the bear is a first roundabout this year.

Given his grandfather, father and Elays uncle beat the ball in Mississippi, Achi obviously ands this university family origin. But his uncle Pedon is a legendary player at the University of Tennessee. The consultant David David Cutcliffe is a David Cutcliffe, a David Cutcliffe.

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