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Curry explained: “Who know? No one believes that we will be 19 wins and 0 losses why we can’t continue? There are many players in the league, but we obviously have the opportunity to win more games, nothing is not occurring.”

NFL president Roger – Goodell (Roger Goodell), said: “Tom – Benson contribution to New Orleans and the NFL worth go down in history he bought a small win kept losing team, and help them first. after three years in the playoffs. during Hurricane Katrina hit, Tom will maintain the team together. he let the team move to return to New Orleans, but also to help people restore a firm belief. saints with wonderful football championship games and the Super Bowl back the support of his people. Tom loves New Orleans, he is a generous philanthropist and concern of others in the cheap nfl Jerseys, he also has absolute leadership. “

Benson started with a car salesman identity, and finally the development of their careers automobile dealership empire. For $ 70 million he bought the Saints in 1985, two years later, the Saints into the playoffs for the first time in team history.

Since 1995, Curry is the attention of fans in the Black Leopard, and he is also a friend of Newton. In fact, if the Warriors and the Black Panther can stay unbeaten before this means that NBA will have a 48-win-hearted team, and NFL will have a 19-win-up super bowl champion team.

At that time, the reporter asked this season that the defending Champion Warrior first loses the black panther’s panther’s panther. The Curry replied: “My answer is … I hope that I don’t want to lose the ball before February. That means that the black panther can take a super bowl.”

49 people coach Salunan: Will continue to find quad-savingSan Francisco 49 people have signed 2 quadrants in the free player market. But these two will not be the quarterback of the final join the team.

Stephen – Curry: Warriors will be losed by the Black LeopardAt present, the childhood of the NBA Alliance Stephen Curry is spent in Carolina, so when we know that he is a super fan of the Carolina Black Leopard, we are not surprised. The Golden State Warriors and the Black Panthers in this season maintain the invincible record of their respective alliances.

Of course, 49 people will continue to find quadruplicate. Salunam was found in 49 people not to let the fans received only 3 wins in the last season quarter-off lineup. Hoyel is a feasible stop loss program with first experience, and Barley has also flash performance in the last season. But 49 people hoped that Salunan can identify and cultivate long-term solutions at the quadrant position.

“We will continue to look for,” said Salunam Friday. “You rarely use 2 quarter guards to participate in the training camp. So I think we will also sign more quarter-free. I don’t know if it will pass the free player market or draft, but will pass each possible channel. We Will not limit our search job. “

Whether the celebration after the game is not talking about the wound. The wife of the Haiying quartz Wilson, Wilsell Wilson, obviously very happy to do something to celebrate, she has completed the moon on the logo of the denim reachabitation after the game, afterwards “” Pride for my baby @Wilson. “

After the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Haiying completed a beautiful series of offensive, successfully promoted to the 29th code of the wild horse half. Subsequently, Hashkka debuted in the third time. Hawks 16:14 complete the ultra-superchard. In the fourth quarter, there is still 7 minutes and 30 seconds, Osville has completed a 34-yard long-passing, Jordan Norwood, completed a pass to the array. The Hawks 16:21 are superior by wild horses. At the end of the fourth quarter, the Terrelle Pryor is called in the Red District, and the wild horse is basically locked. Then there were no build trees in both sides. In the end, the wild horses were played at 21:16 to defeat the Hawks and reported the enemy of the super bowl 35.

After completing the wild horse, the lightning alert in Denver forced the competition. After the interrupt half an hour, the game continued. After the competition is recovered, the Hawie masters the ball offense. In the next attack, the Haiying’s four-point Wilson has gradually recovered, although there is a turning ball error and is killed once, but the sea eagle still falls into the wild horse. Area. In the second section, there is still 7 minutes and 19 seconds, the Haiying team has completed the second-year runner Christian-Michelle, the Haiying 7: 7 wild horses.

The second half is first attack, but their offensive ends with the tartz jackson. Subsequently, the wild horses were again acquired, and they were completed by the Substrate Run Bebs (Kapri Bibbs). The wild horses are completed at 14:10. In this time, the wild horse has a suspected drop. The Tharold Simon is hit by the wild horse offensive players, and the scene is very confusing. Subsequently, Simon was punished by the Cardinal. In the Hawk’s next wave of attack, Hashkka completed a 40-yard emitted door. Sea Eagle 13:14 will be discussed close. At the end of the third section, the Haiying Corner AJ-Jefferson (A.J. Jefferson) copied the pass of Osville. The third quarter ends, the Hawks 13:14 wild horses.

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