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Determining the missed players include: Right Diffuse Justin Pugh (Back), WESTON RICHBURG (Brain oscillation), Line Wendon Narnerson – Casillars (Jonathan Casillas) ) And BJ Goodson, defensive end Aleville – Olivier Vernon and Kerry Wynn.

The second grade of the raid returns to returnIn the 2013 draft, Auckland raids took the 12th sho. D. J. Hayden (D. J. Hayden). This season, Hayden is troubled by foot injury, and has been lacking from the offset period for up to 5 months. US time Wednesday, Hayden finally returned to the training ground. According to the insider, he will have the opportunity to be included in the list of this week’s game as long as Hayden can successfully detect physical health.

Panthers-2-Clausen-White-JerseyHeden is 350 files last season, but it is struggling. The raid people hope that he can reverse the decline after completion of this time, and play the performance of the inquiry. At present, the raid’s anti-transmission loss code row in the 11th, but the season has only completed 2 copies. The team believes that Hayden ‘s regression can further strengthen the defensive strength of the second line.

Ball is a star player who has worked in the University of Wisconsin, in the second round of the wild horse in 2013. In 2013, his performance was excellent. He was considered to be the main running guard of the wild horse, but the injury influenced the final season performance. The final wild horse touched him in this season. He has completed 21 games. 731 yards.

The first weighing is a forced mini training camp starting June 13. The weight of the wave cannot exceed 340 pounds, so that the first part is $ 125,000. He gains 346 pounds last season, but the wave is not worried about weight loss.

No matter whether there is public competition, the training performance during the training camp will be carefully concerned by the outside world. If Jones gets the opportunity to work with the starting lineup, then you can expect another wind wave.

The raid people have witnessed the favorite of Hayden. In the 2013 election show, the raid people use the original 3rd line to transaction, only the No. 12 journey and a two-wheel position are added, and the sea is successfully taken Board. The raid person hopes that Hayden can find a state as soon as possible, and become the team’s closed corner of the team in the 11th game of the season.

Giants quartz cheap nfl Jerseys from china Manning: There is no competition between and new Xiu JonesOn June 30th, the New York Giants coach Pat-Shu (Pat Shurmur) The last public statement before the team entered the summer break was thought that the giants would let the old will make the old Eli Manning and Eli Manning. Daniel Jones competes for the first quadrant position.

“We have newcomers join, I work hard to build relationships, let them keep up with rhythm, so I am trying to do my work in the four-point guards,” Manning said. “I have been with young quartz, no matter who, I tried to keep up with the rhythm, teach them to read defense or defensive style or our defensive group style. So I do the same thing for Daniel , I will become a good teammate, I will try my best to help each giant player succeed. “

“No, I don’t want to compete,” Manning said. “I feel that I have to do myself, I have to work hard every day, I have to get better every day. I have been in the life, this is the way I have always treated training every day to enhance myself, come to win in the team. Location, come to win the respect of your teammates, I do these things every year. “

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