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At the site, Luke received an ESPN reporter’s interview: “It is not easy to take a big bag, it is very important, because Olsen needs a lot of things to be ready, I have to say that my ball is working hard. How is it. I don’t know how these guys complete the whole golf competition, my feet are now exhausted. “

Giant signing the old will be safe Weedden MeliwetWith the beginning of the preseason, the New York Giants’ defensive second-line is connected to injuries. In order to reinforce the depth of the lineup, the team signed the pre-occupational bowl for the pre-occupational bowl for Safety Brandon Meriweather. The 31st 31 Meliwah was active before Washington red skin. After the 2010 season, he could no longer fill a 16 game.

In January, Bryant’s foot fractured again, this time he needs to spend another 6 months to recover. And this season he completed 31 yards 401 yards and 3 reachaes. It was the new low in his 6-year career. This is a race that is a mistake for players who have just signed a 5-year $ 70 million.

Although Meliwet is difficult to make substantial changes for the two-wires of the giant, now the team does not have any of the law. Since the beginning of the training camp, seven second-line players can only supervise the war due to injuries. For giants, to strengthen the team’s competitiveness, the primary task is to ensure the health of the player.

Jerry Reese, general manager of Giants, is the talent and experience of Mei Liwise. Although this old injury is not optimistic, the team has confidence to help him retrieve the state, at least to make up for the vulnerability in the lineup at this stage.

Bryter was very hoped to recover from injuries as soon as possible to help the team win, but recently Brian had to admit that his return is too early. Brines said: “When I fractured, I’ve been in the return, I have known I am wrong, but at the time, you don’t have any other choice.”

The outcome of the game of suspense maintained until the last minute. Until recent three seconds of the game, Lions quarterback Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford) fourth gear failure strong play, one yard end zone before passing the connection failed, the Raiders finally lock the victory.

Luke – Kubi Special way to restore shouldersLast season, Carolina, the Leopard, won the national union champion, now they need to start preparing for the 2016 season, the black panther fans must be the injury of Lux Kuechly.

Brown advanced to the first half, had 21 yards, 12 yards, 9 yards, 12-yard line, but the ball is over four times to kick score. The third quarter advance to 5-yard line, Brown chose to play strong, but Baker – Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) his red ball did not succeed.

How is the 24-year-old cheap nfl Jerseys second grade player? He has just become a player in history in history last Sunday, and the last record of this record is the front of the pony, and he has 13 consecutive scorpions in 2005. Over 100. Johnson led alliance with the total number of 1709 yards and 15 Dove of data, and his 1005 yards of rushing code were also ranked third. No matter which aspect, he is the best running guard in the Fantasy game.

Alan audience 20 passes completed 12 times, advancing 193 yards, two touchdowns. Running back Phillip – Lindsay (Phillip Lindsay) rushed the ball nine times, advancing 92 yards, touchdown, tight end Noah – Infante (Noah Fant) completed 3 times the ball, advancing 115 yards, one touchdown.

As a single mother, Regina Johnson has three children in David at David on December 16, 1991. That day David’s twin sister Danielle and sister Darnecia were also born. However, the trikin father did not stay with them, David learned that he was dead in prison.

In less than one month ago, Haskins was replaced in the game of the Black Leopard, followed by the Washington football team. Before the competition, Haskins also was taken from the birthday party that did not wear a mask to participate in friends girlfriend. He was therefore fined $ 40,000 and lost his position.

Offensive red zone efficiency is a drag, Brown Broncos entered the red zone five times, but had 19 points. First start of his career Broncos quarterback Brandon – Alan (Brandon Allen) thereby get first win.

“If you don’t know that other players on the field are running at full speed, you will not realize how good Johnson is,” Shipley said: “He has quickly exploded after the ball, he can always get rid of it. Catch, even if it is stopped on the gate line, he can still arches two yards in front. “

Steelman and quadruption victims – HaskinsUS Time Thursday, steel people officially announced that it will sign a future reserve contract with the first round show in 2019, quad-bidard, DWAYNE HASKINS. This contract will ensure that the player will not be signed by other teams.

In 2019, Haaskins was signed in Washington, since after the issue of work, since the work concept was sick. At that time, he was selected by the Dan Snyder, which contrary to the internal door of the actual management football team. The coach has heard from the University of Haskins, which takes time to grow into a professional player, and the original plan has always been a substitute for his rookie season.

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