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The cause of things is the new England Patriot prosecutor boss about: “very thankard of Darell’s return”, because Rewick’s effectiveness of 6 seasons in the jet, he helped the patriot to get a super bowl, then He returned to the jet again. When Rewis and jet completed a large contract of 5 years of $ 70 million, the patriot boss said: “I really hope that we are still together”, then the jet said the dissatisfaction with this remark, but the patriot is not Received any penalties from alliances.

There is a message indicating that Newton’s injury is very close to the Tony Romo experience earlier. Romo once took a week of back to the battle for 1 week, and the performance after returning was once experienced. Although Anderson proved that they have the ability to win the team in the first week, if they want to be among the playoffs, even in the playoffs, Newton is still the core of the team. We will continue to pay attention to Newton’s injury.

Newton’s back injured, this weekThe Carolina Black Panther got a bad news on Tuesday, and their four-point Wei Kam Newton had a car accident. Related reports show that although the car accident is not serious, even “Superman” Newton, it is impossible to retreat. NFL official website reporter revealed that Newton injured in the car accident, although the injury did not have a problem, he was very likely to absent this week and Tampawan pirate game.

Baker – Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) of the field off the ball three times, the last time so the team lost the last chance to score. Mayfield had hoped to complete the raid quarterback with four-speed one yard strong play, but he was hit in the back, the ball falling from the hands. Although Karim – Hunter (Kareem Hunt) picked up the ball, trying to finish the attack, but according to the rules when the end of the game the fourth quarter, only when off the ball players can continue to try to advance.

Owenz last attended the professional competition or in the 2011 Football League Competition. His last NFL season was in 2010, when he was a Tiger Tiger for Cincinnati, completed 72 batts to get 983 yards 9 times. He signed a year in 2012 with Seattle Hawks for 1 year, but it was cut off after a month.

Carol: Has been talking to Linqi to talk about contract issuesTuesday, Tuesday, Seattle Sea Eagle Catholic Pete Carroll said in an interview that the team has begun to talk to the contract of the contract with the contract.

According to a lover, there are two horizontal muscles in the back of the Newton, which originated in a car accident, the huge impact of collision instantly. Currently, Newton needs further test to determine the injury. But most media believes that Newton is only absent from a week, and it can recover. For teams and fans, this is unfortunately fortunate.

Binns Road to complete a red ball touchdowns, complemented by Jackson’s two passing touchdowns, eight former Ravens win the ball six times to score. Jackson and wherein a veteran Hernandez – Bryant (Dez Bryant) connection, to complete eight-yard touchdown.

If Newton is determined that it is unable to play, the team will enable the substitute quadruptions of Delik Anderson (Derek Anderson). The Black Panther This week’s opponent’s pirate is only 2 wins, and for them to enter the playoffs, this is a key game that is not lost. In the first week of this season, Newton was absent due to injury, Andon started to win.

Owens set off an uproar from an unprecedented decision that did not participate in the celebration of celebrities. He also released a video that he didn’t use 40 yards to sprint for 40 yards to prove that he can still succeed in the career.

This video does not cause any NFL team to pay attention, but may not be the same in CFL. Owens temporarily ensures that the Eskima will make a decision to him, but he does not guarantee that it can stay in any CFL team. However, he may increase his opportunity in the excellent career of NFL.

According to the police report, the speed of Kenmdo is 75 miles / when driving, far exceeding 45 miles / hour. The police intercepted KFMD in the morning at 6:30, and he explained that he was rushing to 7 points.

NFL recently announced the penalty of 100,000 US dollars in New York Jet, because the team owner Johnson’s improper comment on Darrelle Revis. However, this punishment jet will not lose the chance of draft, because this type of punishment has never involved the selection of vain.

When I was asked, I was still a member of the Hawk next season, Carol didn’t answer: “Let’s walk, we will always prepare for the future, now I can’t tell you. What happens. But the team has begun to discuss this problem with Lin Qi. “There is a rumor that the Hawk plans to break up after the season. But with the deepening of the season, the team and fans realize that Lynch is an indispensable entrance. The team’s attitude is slowly changing.

The red scitch defensive end-stricken Knim Dechen is arrested for violations. Beijing June 20, wholesale Jerseys US Time Wednesday, according to Arizona Media reported that Robert Nkemdiche this month was carried out earlier this month, and the driver’s license was invalid.

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