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Although the winning rate has just reached 50%, the eagle has not sounded in a head-name location in a wolf. After the opening season, only the 47 yards were left out, after the last season, Wang Merley was first completed by the eagle player as an eagle player. The eagle is in the past two victories, and the field can capture 472 yards. The four points of Bandford seem to have become accustomed to the short pass system of the coach – Kelly. Once Kelly’s “fast whirlwind” can play a rhythm, the Eagle’s attack will become extremely difficult to contain. The eagle’s defensive group also could not be underestimated. This season has been manufactured in the second, and the second, 3-4 defensive end of Fletcher Cox has achieved 5 kills, and became the eagle midway to attack the city A big tool. Former Qianhai Eagle Walt-Surmemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmond ran all teams. In the end of last year, the eagle 9 times kill Newton is the latter career single field. This field they hope to copy this performance.

“As I said, we will come slowly,” Green said. “There is no need to worry. As I said from the first day, I have to feel good to return to the stage, return to high level performance, return to me know the level I can play. I don’t want to treat toes to be injured in the toes. “

This year’s two first round pick will let the jet have the opportunity to choose a very optimistic young player as the core of the future. 2020 first round Xiu Maikai – Mekhi Becton, 2020 Two-round Show Danzel Mims (Denzel MIMS) and 2019 explorer show Kunnan – Willians (Quinnen Williams) will also belong to the core Ranks.

After analyzing the competition, Brown believes that the problem of loss is not only from the fans of Manazell, but also a lot of shortcomings. The coaching group said that all issues are pushed to quadruptions, they need to solve problems from many ways. Pert said: “For us now, who is not important to do four points. There are a lot of problems, and the quadrant is only one of them.”

Brown coach: insist on using ManzelCleveland Brown Siwu Qiang Ni-Manzel’s performance is like a nightmare, which also made him criticized by experts from various experts. However, Brown official said it will continue to support this rookie. Mike Pettine also said that they will continue to let Manazell serve as the team.

Pert revealed that Manze showed a high level in training, proved that he was a young man with infinite potential. There are 2 games left in the regular season, Brown hopes that Manzell can seize the opportunity to perform well. It can be expected that this week’s media will continue to take Manzel’s performance, but Pet Tazell believes that Mandazel is just a first, such a small sample is not enough to give any conclusions. Brown will be in the remaining 2-week, the Mosa Corus of the Carolina and Baltimore, the performance of Manzel will prove that it is wrong.

Sara’s enthusiasm and excellent coaching performance seems to be perfect for jets to urgently want to witness the successful fans. The jet has 6 drafts this year and the salary space available. Sara will work hard to help the team returned to the right track in the future.

36-year-old Brisbane foot injury in the second game. He is wearing a protective boot on his foot injury while attending the post-match news conference and said he will receive an MRI on Tuesday to determine the severity of the injury. But after an injury he did not miss a file playing time and, in fact since then, although obvious limp, he played his best performance.

Sarah’s coaching experience has achieved the current maximum success in the 2019 season, and the 49-person range lost the code rankings, and the team entered the super bowl, and only regretted the chief of the Kansas City. And in this season, even if the new crown epidemic and injury strikes, the 49-person defensive group’s fields lost the number of codes still ranked the top five.

In the last four seasons, Sara, which served as a defensive coordinator, built 49 people’s defensive groups as one of the most powerful defensive groups of the Alliance. At 2017 to 2018, the 49-person defensive group was unrestrained in the 19th, the defensive group scored the Ranking League 28th, and the number of balls were ranked by the rankings. At 2019 to 2020, 49 people ranked first, 10th, and parallel columns in these three data respectively.

The seventh week, Sunday, Friendship: Eagle @ 黑豹Sunday night games, nfl jerseys the current five-day full-win black Leopard (5-0) will fight at home by the US Bank Stadium last week to defeat the giants to the Nummer of the National District (3-3), the two sides are currently positive I want to be a wonderful event.

In the exception, the Benjamin season reimbursement, the star midline Wei Luke – Chuckley is missing in the unfavorable situation of a month, the black leopard is now unbearable, I am afraid that there is nothing to think, and the last round of killing The sea eagle will undoubtedly make many questions. Their goal is to revenge at home. Under the situation of Falls injury, Sanchez started last season, the black panther has lost the end of the event 21-45 defeated eagle, Newton has passed 3 in this game. 3 Second copy. It is suffering from the near-end front of the harmonic Eagle, which lacks other balls outside the game, and the success rate of Newton’s pass this season is only 55.4% of the countdown, but He has 3 shocks to help the team’s race 132.8 yodes are the third high of the alliance. In addition to terrible rushing fire, the defensive end is in the abuser lem, the average loss of 338 yards is 7th less and sent 11 times the power conversion, except “black and white double pantopia” Chuckli and Thomas Davis, the most The bright eyes have 4 cases of copying of young sorrows. Norman. The strict Ron Rivi-Riviera will continue to be victory.

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