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In addition to Jones and Howard as the starting cornerback outside, Eric – Rockwell (Eric Rowe) is expected to be strong as a starter Wei. Bobby – McCain (Bobby McCain) is now expected to serve as guard tour. Second-year player Nick – Needham (Nik Needham) show last season in the slot cornerback position potential. The biggest team needs to be able to guard its own security guard in the backcourt, they may be reinforced in the draft.

There is currently no specific situation about injuries, but it is obvious that the patriot can no longer lose their close-end striker, because their four-point Wei Tom Braddy (Tom Brady) did not play the game before the regular season.

Bill mentioned in the letter to the broker: “The club only allows the trading of Antan to talk to other wholesale nfl jerseys teams. Players can not be able to test with other teams or physique tests. In addition, players or his brokers Never talk about new contracts with other teams. “

However, after injury, the situation turned sharply. Newton has repeated shoulder surgery and is only two games from the last season. The problem of lasting injuries caused no team to pay a draft of Newton, which is about to enter the last year of the contract.

Dolphins cornerback Byron new aid – Jones: objectives to second-line defense no weaknesses

Miami Dolphins this offseason generous reinforcement of the defense group, of which the most notable was undoubtedly the introduction of signing former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Byron – Jones (Byron Jones). The two sides signed a five-year contract, valued at $ 82 million, including $ 54.5 million guaranteed income.

But now there is no more home left to Newton. Chicago Bear has signed the Nick Foles competition first position through trading. Los Angeles Lightning is currently insisting on Tyrod Taylor to serve as the first quarter. The new England patriots have recently signed the first year of competition in Brian Hoyer.

“The most important part is really no weaknesses, which we try to do our second-line defense and the whole team goal is to build a no weaknesses, we can firmly lock the opponent’s team.” Jones said last week. “We can make the opponent catcher and quarterback matchup eat suffer.”

Bill allows Ankan – Bolden seeks to trade

After two weeks of signing Bill in August, an external hand Anquan Boldin announced retirement. Now Bolding is interested in returning to the game, but he is not willing to play for Bill.

Newton is not calm in the Last Day of the Black Panther. After the end of the last season, after the trading rumors, the panther new coach Matt Lu (Matt Rhule) inspired her “complete” to stay in the Newton during the comprehensive investigation camp. However, last week, the panther announced the decision to seek the transaction, but Newton disjudes this statement, he claims to be a black panther forced himself to seek transactions. On the same day, the Black Panther signed Teddy Bridgewater, a contract for $ 63 million, including $ 33 million in full guarantee income.

Turbia was interviewed after the game: “I think he is very good, our team members have not given him a sufficient support, and several three-speed conversion is due to the ball and failure. But I think I think He is still excellent in combing attack. “

“When I woke up on January 1, 2018, I was still an unemployed visitors. I understand everything is over, but where can I go find a career that loves me?” Williams wrote “What else can be so obsessed with Mdash; & mdash; adrenaline, anger, let others feel the feelings. Honest, I don’t know what to do next, I only know, I Will not play in wholesale nfl jerseys. This is also very painful, but when I remember the first two years of Buffalo, the first two years in Buffalo; & hellip; those who have committedly committed by young and deeper. “

Last Tuesday, the Black Panther announced that Newton will seek transactions. However, given the, the black panther has no negotiation advantage and the outside world is still doubts about the health of Newton, and the transaction has not succeeded. The black panther can only choose to cut the Newton.

Newton became a champion in 2011 and quickly became a leader of the Black Panther. He led the team to win 3 partition champions in 2013 to 2015, entered a super bowl and a total of 4 times to enter the playoffs. During the 9-year black panther career, Newton became a league MVP in 2015 and was selected for 3 times.

Mustang coach: Manning is good for new offensive systems

In a preseason in the 23rd of Beijing Time, Denver’s wild horse defeated Houston destanies at 14:10, and completed two consecutive victories. The core quarter of the wild horses in the game ushered in the first show in the competition, and he won the 52 yards in the game in the game, and the average will only get 3.7 yards every time.

This year’s snap-in, the wild horsema coach team, paying attention to the slow ground attack, Gary Kubiak replaces John Fox (John Fox) has become a main coach, the team’s offensive system is also facing a small change. Whether Manning can adapt to the new system has also become a popular discussion topic of the outside world. It seems that it seems not to look at the first game, even if Texas defensive general JJ-Watwatt does not play, Manning still didn’t find the feeling of passing, and it seems to have only 19 files for the four waves. Not adaptable, but Kuboy can’t seem to think so.

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