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Last year by Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, factorytourusa.com Tayler Lockett and Paul Richardson’s external lineup constant On the basis, the Hawowi also used three rounds to pick up Amara Darboh, seven-wheeled pick-up, David Moore.

Jenkins: Bradford to win the Super BowlPhiladelphia Eagles safety guard Malcolm – Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) great confidence in quarterback Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford). He said in an interview, Bradford has the ability to lead the team to the Super Bowl aspirations.

Hurd’s injury explained why 49 people invited the old Jaron Brown to conduct a trial. In Dibo Samuel, 49 people can only introduce old as a solution due to lack of leg injury. They signed TAVON Austin and J.J. Nelson on Friday. J. J. Nelson.

Although Bradford won the trust of his teammates, but the Hawks are willing to extend his contract is still unknown. Bradford’s contract expires at the end of the season, with the team to replace the coaching staff, quarterback issue of candidates has become more uncertain. Last season, Bradford shake off injuries, overall performance is quite satisfactory, as the season is no lack of outstanding performance. If the team decides to leave Bradford, is to use the franchise tag, or to discuss a long, both sides also need to consider the issue.

Hayden said that if Brown picked defensive Houweigulun from Florida State University – Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey) he will be very excited, but he was not the only one to make such recommendations NFL players for his team. Get the first pick in the Los Angeles Rams to move up and will be considered for selection after the quarterback, Brown can be selected with the second overall pick of the possibility of any quarterback disappeared.

If it is indeed the worst result, then this is a cruel blow for Hurd. This last year’s three-wheeled show is absent from all competitions due to back injuries. In the first show in the preseason, he completed 2 batches of the ball before injury. After the injury repeated, the team made him absent the remaining competition.

Brown, hands, Landri, said that there is no impactBeijing July 21, Brown has recently become the potential stocks in the eyes of the fans, four-point guard, the external connections are in place, the defensive group is a star. The only deficiencies seem to run some of the storms that Duke Johnson hopes to be traded.

Landley, Little Odel-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), Baker Mayfield, three people have been privately trained in California. Entry La Schad Higgins (RASHARD HIGGINS), near David NJOKU and Seth Devalve also participated.

In the National League, the Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron – Donald (Aaron Donald) became the National League Defensive Player of the Week. In the Rams 17-7 victory over the Arizona Cardinals game Donald made 1.5 1 sack forced off the ball, he is a beast and defense group is one of the important reasons for the Rams get an unexpected 3-1 start to lead the NL West .

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapople, Mike Garafolo reports according to the informed people, this San Francisco 49 people take over on Sunday’s training, he is being Accept the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging check. The team is worried that the results may be a knee speech ligament tear.

Russell Wilson believes that the top group is best in recent yearsAt this time last year, the Hawks 4-point Walseer Wilsell Wilson said that the Hawks have the most talented array of team history. This year, he has focused on the talent of the external connections.

The twice selected to the Pro Bowl cornerback Brown believes holding the second sign of Josh Brown has – this situation Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) as a quarterback under – McQuarrie (Josh McCown) and Robert Configuring a good position.

Jenkins said: “If the team can protect him and give him offensive weapon, and that he has the ability to become Super Bowl champions the past two seasons, there are always rumors around him especially during the first half of the season, I do not know. feel about him in the locker room, he came to be regarded as the team leader is not easy. “

However, Jarvis Landry will not be affected, he said: “This will not spread our attention. Our goal is clear, winning the champion. People here will alsogether Take the goal, we will work hard to achieve the goal on Thursday. “

Will – Fowler (Will Fuller) is the American League Player of the Week SWAT team. He not only seven catches for 81 yards to lead the team, but he was still the Houston Texans 27-20 victory over the Tennessee Titans in the game get 67 yards punt return touchdowns. He became one of the highlights Texans game.

Cornerback Joe – Hayden: Brown no need to pick a quarterback in the first roundJoe – Hayden (Joe Haden) does not want the Cleveland Browns in this year’s draft with their first-round pick to sign a new quarterback.

The fourth week, the best players of the United States of America, unveiledIn the fourth week there are a lot of impressive performance, but Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben – outside Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) and the Atlanta Falcons took over Julio – Jones (Julio Jones) to help their respective teams fore negative start to get three wins.

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