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Smith’s speed and offensive diversity is in the jet, the team naturally hopes that he can return to the stadium as soon as possible. After losing the original first quarter-off, the jet offensive group needs more time to run together, www.Bcdirectory.com whether the chemical reaction can be produced as soon as possible will be an important prerequisite for the team’s new season to achieve breakthrough. In the past few years, the jet offensive group has never found a deserved core player, and the team hopes that Smith’s arrival can change this status.

Jet outside the jet, SM, Self-confidence will return in the first weekNew York Jet offensive group finally ushered in a good news, this year’s two-round rookie, exterior Tevin Smith is expected to catch up with the first week of the regular season. Previously, he missed most of the training camp because of rib fracture and pulmonary puncture.

His return from all aspects is inspiring, especially for the attack group of the raid. Even if only non-full training, Carl’s help for the team is also huge, especially for his future number one weapon, take over Amari cooper.

Although Oswele is responsible for the first defeat of the career in the last week, the team is still full of confidence in him. Since the wild horses show struggles in the ground attack, over-relying on the ball also leads to Oswele to never organize effective attacks. In addition, the offensive front line is poor, and Oswil is killed 5 times by Khalil Mack.

For your own rookie season, Smith is very confident. He said in a personal network social media: “I am very confident now, I can catch the first week. But can eventually play, but also depends on the coach and The decision of the trainer. “

Davis returned to the chief of the chiefs who were troubled by injuries. Jamal Charles is placed in a list of injuries, and Spencer Ware, because of the absence of the brain, Charcandrick West, Bi Xiapu Bishop Sankey and Anthony Sherman become the only running guards in the emirate.

Osweler will continue to first go to steel peopleDenver Wills will continue to use Brock Osweiler as the team’s first quarter-saving in the next match. Tuesday, the team announced that Oswele will first send a pair of straightezburgh steel people. In addition, good news is Penton Manning, will participate in the team training in the local time on Wednesday, Wednesday.

The wild horses will face the shellings of the long-winning card next week, and the one-week opponent will be the same as the first round of Cincinnati in the first round of the season. If Osweler can’t take a team to defeat steel, Manning is likely to be against AJ McCarron after a week.

According to FOX sports news, the young four-point guard of the Auckland raid will return to the training ground this week after being injured last month, this week will return to the training ground this week. She is only allowed to carry the refers to the special training in the last month.

McCoi said in an interview: “Looking at the two people who have left the team, all the people they have learned to the pirates & mdash; & mdash; last year, there is no super bowl in the team & mdash; & mdash; and let the team have the opportunity to win the championship, I am very exciting. But I also have a bit of bitterness, because it is obvious, I even want them to worry with me. “

Most of this season, Davis is the four running guards of the chief, but he is traded to Green Bay packaging work after the chieftain thinks Charles is completely recovered. Davis played two games for the packaging workers, followed by sicking. He later signed a contract with the New York jet, but after the jet decided to sign the running guard C.j. Spillle (C. J. Spiller), he was sicking after a day.

“But you can see that they continue to win, and then enter the super bowl. It is still very good. Tom has been tired, don’t do anything to prove yourself. Continue to witness his greatness, he has become better every year, it is unbelievable “

Patriot Safety Wei Mai Cotti: See Brundy into the bowl of bitternessLooking at the front teammady Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski into the super bowl, patriot safety Wei Den-McCin McCourty is sincerely happy But at the same time feel bitterness.

McCoti said: “Although we are as a whole, a team will continue to move forward. But we have no Tom Braddy, the best quarter-off. It is difficult to find alternatives, it is difficult to make up this vacancy. We are indeed true I can feel it.”

According to the “Philadelphia Exploration”, Jeff Mclane revealed that although Glaham was very grateful to the eagle’s renewal tendency, but he still wanted to get into the free market to see how other teams will give up to Contract, in addition, he is more likely to join a team of orthodox 4-3 defensive teams.

Owl line Weihaham intends to test the water free player market Philadelphia Owl Line Wei Brown-Glaham is excellent in this season, and the first round show in 2010 has gradually grown into a medium-sized pillar of the eagle defense. After the end of this season, Graham will become a free player, and the eagle also said that it will renew the contract, but Glaham seems to be more happy to seek a larger contract.

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