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Cooper told reporters that they have done a lot in training, and it feels that they can play the battle of the giants on Sunday. His new show injured and hit the ball to be more than this “bad”, but today “there is no pain”.

The coach-Jackson said to the reporter on Thursday that the proximal striker-Barnidge will miss the remaining period training for the team but should be able to return at the beginning of the training camp.

After this, 49 people won 4 wins and 1 loss; the bear is 11 wins and 4 losses, and the last round will win the game at the same time, and I can get the National Union No. 2 seed, in the first round of the season.

The news about small surgery should not be scared at this time at this time, but Banchi’s health is worthy of attention. If Brown eventually lets Cody Kessler or Robert Griffin III, the first quarter-off, a reliable middle distance, the close-up near-end, will greatly help them success.

As early as 2012, Ratrili had an explosive conflict in Jerry Jones, Dallas, Darlas. The 34-year-old veteran will be banned this season, and in the past two weeks. The bear team will be more dependent on Will Sutton, Jarvis Jenkins, and Xiu Eddie – EDDIE GOLDMAN.

Bear trust anti-defending line player Ratrilif

Afensive Front Player Jeri Mi Ratriliff (Jeremy Ratliff) Chicago Bear Career has ended. In the past three seasons, he only came to the team 17 times. On Tuesday, the team announced that he contained him, the reason was that the general manager of Ratrili and the team had a quarrel. Subsequently, the bear team announced that the front Pittsburgh’s first round of Shi Qi Qi Hu De (Ziggy Hood) entered the big list.

The injury of Robby Anderson (calf) (calf) and the horn of Trumaine Johnson are “developing in the right direction.”

Trey Burton sprained, may not be able to play the night match on Thursday pair of bags.

Packaging Works near Terrier GM – Jimmy Graham (Finger) and Kevin King (Leg Head) are all restricted to participate in training.

Titan running Delik Henry said that it is fully recovered on the unveiled battle of the Branglang, and the leg gluten is completely recovered.

The Hawks will be near the end Ed Dickson to add a list of injuries. Reissue the outer hand to Jaron BROWN.

The bear offensive group was poor today, and the four-point Wei Mi Trubisky was turned down once, and the other was copied (after the 49 people criticized). After Allen Robinson, Alan Robinson, after 2 minutes, after getting the first attack, then 49 people have not tentable, he just protects the ball and then quizs the team I can win the victory. This time I gave 49 people won the opportunity, but they didn’t catch.

Ryan Pace, general manager of the bear, said: “I think the team is the best choice for the team, and Jeremy is the best choice. We thank him for the contribution to the team, hoping his future Everything goes well. We feel very excited about Huude’s joining. “

Since he entered the alliance in 2010, Gronoski was placed in the injury reserves 3 times due to arm injury, right knee injury and cheap nfl jerseys From china back injury. He has also encountered a thigh bruises in the past three seasons, and the lungs and leg tears were broken.

“I don’t know how you hear this,” “Asked if the reporter asked if he was speaking when considering retirement. “But I will really consider my future. I will carefully consider it in the next few weeks, think about my current state.”

The proximal Fenglon Kosji said that it is necessary to consider the future

The topic that everyone pays attention to before the start of the super bowl is whether the New England Patriot’s near-end Robert Gronkowski will restore health, and everyone cares about whether Gronoski will pay attention Continue to play.

“I am not ready to answer this question yet. I just want to sit down and review the past season, talk to my teammate,” said Gronoski. “We played a whole season. All the wide receiver, running back, offensive line players, all of us together to make a contribution. I just want to review the season, and his teammates could, and then consider what will happen in the future.”

Gronoski completed 9 batches in the super bowl to get 116 yards, but he almost could not appear. He was also in the cerebral shock inspection process before last Thursday. Unfortunately, this brain shock is only the latest injury in his long injury history.

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