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This is obviously not a reasonable explanation, maybe the Black Leopard is that Newton will continue to return to the game for the team’s victory to advance the second round, but at least such an explanation is in insulting the speakers.

In fact, even if it is a quartz to kill this data, there is no team to do it. Many teams have been close to these data. The Seattle Hawks of the 2013-2014 season are the first defensive group of the League, the minimum team and the best anti-transmission team, but their quarterly gods are behind. NS. Even in 2000, the Baltimo Collus is only 11.9, and 4 items can be completed.

The most desperate five defensive group in NFL history

There is a famous saying: “Attack win the box office, defend the championship.” This is a little in the cheap nfl jerseys from china. If your home team has not taken a super bowl with defensive life, you can only show that their defense is not good enough. Because of the most desperate defensive group in history, the Qing Dynasty is the winner of the super bowl.

Newton was turned down by Saint defenders and David ONYMATA, and could not rely on him to go to the field, then he stayed in the medical tent in the field of 90 seconds to return to the stadium through brain shock.

The trajector’s external budget liberty is again absencing training in the next game.

Auckland raids took over Amari Cooper absents training again on Thursday. He did not participate in training yesterday.

Norman injured in the first week of training camp, but at 9.3 restricted regression training. Unfortunately, Norman was recurred, and then lack three training in succession, and finally determined that it was unable to participate in unveiled battle, and was added to the injury reserve today.

I am surprised in this era of passing the ball, the air attacking nearly matte wild horses can win the super bowl. In the playoffs, the offense of the wild horses can not even advance 200 yards, but the three seasons have split their opponents to 44 points. To know, the opposite quarterback is Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady and Cam Newton.

They are the defensive group of the League, the first anti-transmission team of the League, the four-point guard data of the League 1st, the unrestrained defensive group of the League, since the quartzwut killing this data in 1982 After that, there is no team’s defensive group to complete the record of 4 items in the single session season.

In fact, it is difficult to expect to have such a team: 2 great rush hands (Von miller and Demarcus Ware), 3 super silent angle guards (AQIB Talib, Chris Harris and Bradley Roby) and a proceeds high efficiency Sylvester Williams, Derek Wolfe and Malik Jackson. The 50th Super Bowl, Cam Newton said there is a lot of excellent corner guards. There are two excellent corners of the team, but you almost dare to have three excellent angular guards. However, this is still not, the manager John Elway has brought a Ware to the wild horse, and the team has a special magic.

Therefore Savich is still likely to start in the next game. Of course, O’Brien has a historic history of quad-guard position. He replaced Ryan Mallett in the second half of the 2015 season. Half of the last season he used Savique instead of BROCK Osweiler.

If Watson is healthy, Oblan should have to make up our mind. Watson showed potential in the game competition. But at the same time, he is difficult to lend the offensive assembly and it seems like a player still in cultivating.

Texas biased towards the new show quadrant Swan-Watson

The entire offering period Houston Texas has always adhered to Tom Savage is the first quarter of the 2017 season. A few months later, Savich’s control of the offensive group continued to have a half.

The coach Bill O’Brien refused to say who will start in the Thursday night match of Cincinnati Tiger, but wholesale nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Texas is more preferred to be more tendon.

When Texas picks Watson in the first round, it seems that he gets the first position in this season. It is inevitable. The next week’s game may be his career for the first time. If he can’t play, Saviqi will have the last chance to save his position.

Interestingly, the horses are defensive, but it is not dirty. Their defensive group will make some adjustments in three or special circumstances, but the whole is made of a strong player who is highly executed and defensive skills. Wild horse defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is like his father, is a bit remarkable, no matter where you have highlighted the fierce defense. Not gorgeous is not new, just put the right players in the right position.

Although Texas is considered to make Watson starter, the facts may not be so simple. According to the familiar people, in the game game, Watson was seen because the ankle injured walked. In the case where the rest time is limited, Texas may consider Watson’s health.

The Hawks left a strong colorful in the playoffs, and their defense flashed the eyes of the world. Like the wild horses in 2015, the sea eagle can make a key to defense at a critical moment, thus stabilizing the advantage at the lead. The 48th Super Bowl, the Hawie is fully dominated by wild horses, just like this year’s wild horses.

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