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1 year agoPrior to this, some people believed that the contract of Kyle Rudolph, Kyle Rudolph was the first choice for the team’s trick. Although it is still a mystery that can be left in Viking, Rudolph will not give the contract.

Viking’s near-end Edge Kel-Rudolph will not accept salary

Beijing May 16th this week earlier, in order to give the first round of Show Galret Bradbury, Beijing has a space, and Viking recommends the line to Merrick KFRK. Eric kendricks contract.

Mason – Vatican is the first battle for four years in the University of Dexas, 12505 yards, 93 passes reached, 34 cases. He maintains the school’s pass record and two consecutive years of elected US Alliance (Southern School Sports Union) the best offensive player award. However, this year’s rookie investigation camp did not invite him.

When I was asked how to look at Harva, Wilson had answered: “I have a very similarity to him, all the people who have a high demand for themselves, eager to win all the games. We all hope to be able Take the ball in hand, I don’t quite understand why the media should always stir the things, I guess this is the professional player must face. Just like I have been talking to others, I have to ignore those sounds. “

Saints Video Interview Rookie Quartz Swan Mason – Van

The Saint-Sanzhi 4-point DREW BREES and the Subtock 4-point Wei Tapham Hill (TAYSOM HILL) Decided to leave the team next season. However, according to NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero, the University of Dexas, Northern Dexas, Mason Fine, a video interview with multiple NFL teams, including Saints. Before the wholesale Nfl jerseys, Before visiting the player, Brahm and Training Master Todd Durkin, Saints Future Hall of Future Tour Square Weibuo Fitness training.

Aikiki accepts cancer examination

It is like waiting for a cruel trial. The head of Kansas chieftain said: “Eric Berry, he is accepting the biggest challenge after graduation.” It is reported that the safety of the chief has accepted Hodgkin lymphoma.

His exquisite hand passed the skills and accuracy as a person, but the height is 5 feet 10 inch (1 meter 78) is a big disadvantage. Brahm’s rapid shipment and the possible performance of the professional player attracted the attention of Saint Payton, Saints expected to recruite at least one quadrant reserve in the lunar season.

Jack Del-Rio, the coach of this raid, said that it is not clear. He said: “I don’t know if they are so big. I estimate that they may be too awkward on the weekend, or last night, watch the Warriors Thunder grabbed seven and very excited. These things happened today is a Very good lesson, these mouth corners and conflicts are unnecessary, and the idea of ​​respecting us does not match each other. These three conflict protagonists are basically a newcomer in the team. They have not understood our team culture, responsibility is all in me. I hope that we will not waste time and effort in this thing, we need tough, but not this kind of tough, comply with order is the most basic. “

Wilson denied that there is a small group in the Hawk

Recently, due to the influence of Percy Harvin trading incident, all kinds of rumors of the Haiying team were very rushing, and there was news that Harvin was traded, and the team broke due to different views of the transaction. Two factions. In order to calibrate the speech, the core quarter of the team’s core quarter-free Wilson said that he was very happy to be in the sea eagle, no team is better than the Hawks.

At present, the team does not give this safety-saving situation, but I believe that there will be results soon. The head coach said: “We don’t have a final inspection report, then we will not have any action, but everything is hoping that Berry is more active.”

Viking people have selected the close-up of near-ended Elv-Smith, which is the same as the same ballistics, giving Virkov’s room. Rudolph 2019 will be 7.5 million US dollars in 2019, and Viking may be able to reduce his impact on salary space through a new contract.

Wilson said in an interview: “There is no problem between the team’s locker room. There is no problem between teammates. Everyone is growing, all don’t have to maintain the dressing room atmosphere, I don’t suspect the friendship between the teammates. I believe that my teammates are struggling towards victory. We are still super bowls to compete. This is my teammate, not like reporting. “

According to CSN reporter Scott Bair, the raid person has three teammates fight three teammates in tiratory team training on Tuesday. The first is the attack guards who have spent a big price this year. Klechi Osemele and the rookie defensive end of the army-Ward, Jihad Ward, Subsequent, then attack striker Jones – Jon Feliciano and Defensive Dragonfly Leon-Orr (Leon Orr) twisted together, then the new show striker Vadal Alexander and defensive end Monteri-Moore (DAMONTRE) Moore conflict.

Three teammates in the trip of the raid

Spontaneous training in the rest period is generally warm-up, between the teammates and the gas, try to avoid fierce bodies, and always adapt. However, in the training of the raid, it seems not to be like this.

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