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Chicago Xiong team left Akirs Leno Jr. and the center of Cody WhiteHair Different Saint Saint-Zuyu-Armstead and the center Marx Max Unger. Today, cheap Jerseys the bear will have 8 players to select a professional bowl, which is also the most selected in 2007.

Burro 36 times completed 23 times, pushed 193 yards, and copied it once. He completes a 23-size shot of a 23-size shock in the first quarter. Burro’s pressure is a problem when he is passing, he is killed three times and is hit by 6 times.

Prescott 33 passes completed 23 times, advancing 303 yards, four touchdowns. Ezekiel – Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott) rushed the ball 18 times, advancing 122 yards, one touchdown, but also to complete a touchdown catch.

Green was injured in three games in November, and he was just returned last week. But he was hurt in the middle of the game and was taken away from the venue. He only completed a ball and pushed 7 yards.

Pitt will take the hurt of the injured eagle to protect Brandon Brandon Brooks, Woford’s top replacement of Cowboy’s Zack Martin. This will be the first time in Pitt’s four-year career, the first time in the occupational bowl, Wo Fold is selected in the second year of career.

Kamara will replace the raft of the super bowl to run to Todd Gurley. This will be a professional bowl for two consecutive seasons since the NFL. He promoted 883 yards in 194 in 15 games this season (average 4.6 yards per time), and the ball was 81, and the total contributed 18 times, and 14 of them were a rush of the ball. .

The 49th coach Jim Hubble also expressed strong dissatisfaction with this penalty, he said: “I can’t agree with the judgment of the referee, they didn’t give me a reasonable explanation. We have been blown three times in the whole game I can’t agree with individual fouls. “

In any racquet attempt to enter the overtime, the Tiger kicks the ball, and the Randy Bullock mistakenly kicked the ball, and he appeared to have a muscle strain. Victory finally entered the flash of lightning.

Broncos quarterback Drew – Locke (Drew Lock) made his first four victories, today he completed 28 passes 17 times, advancing 177 yards, one touchdown. Locke thumb injury in the preseason, and therefore missed the first half of the regular season. But after his return to the Broncos brought a lot of hope. Locke, Noah Everett – Jones (Dre & rsquo; Mont Jones) Infante (Noah Fant), care front Dalton – – Leissner (Dalton Risner), defensive end Madre Monte Young, who lead the Mustang will be the focus of cultivation of off-season.

Three saints player in a career bowlAlthough the Saint Super Bowl Dream is broken after the National Federation of the Los Angeles ram, but 3 season performances will travel to Orlando to participate in the professional bowl. Entry Alvin Kamara, sharp Andrus Peat and Larry Warford were added to the list of professional bowls this year on Tuesday.

49 people have eventually won, but the end of Gallo Pubo has not been completed. The whole game was completed by 33 passes of Gallo, and the 259 yards were promoted, reached 2 times. Raime Mostert Mostata promotes 56 yards, while completing 4 battles, pushing 95 yards, reaching it once.

Green will meet the doctor on Tuesday to determine the treatment plan. At present, the postoperative recovery period is four months, and he still hopes to participate in the training camp, lift season activities and mini training camp.

The giant quartz quarterfire 41 passed 26, passing 279 yards, twice passed the ball reached, but there was 2 times. Running Bakley faces giant defensive mushrooms, 15 shots are only promoted by 6 yards, and there are still 6 batches to advance 60 yards. External hand Sleton is a number of outstanding giant players. There are 102 yards and 2 buses in this game.

Brown completed 4 times the ball, advancing 124 yards, one touchdown. Henry rushed the ball 32 times, advancing 211 yards, proving his hamstring injury has not affected much, but also allow themselves to be king yards rushing this season. He completed a 53 yards rushing touchdowns in the final three minutes, so the morale is more expensive.

The seventh week was replaced starting Tanneixier contributed, he led made the 7-3 record, passing sound also contributed a lot of balls into the red. Today, he completed 20 passes 13 times, advancing 198 yards, with outside rookie wide A.J. Brown (A.J. Brown) maintained a consistent understanding.

Even if Ho Chuley still believes that he didn’t have misjudgment, he said in an interview after the game: “I think he is first hit Wilson with the” hairline “part of the helmet, it seems that he is hit by a mask, but actual It is not a mask in the first time you have in contact. “

Murray’s scorpion promotion is also the first, and he advances more than 100 yards before going to the table. It is Murray’s 22-code Ball to help Red Tit to win the first lead. Jimmy Garoppolo, acknowledgment with Jerick McKinnon, and the Jerick McKinnon.

Ryan – Tanneixier (Ryan Tannehill) in the first half to complete two passing touchdowns, Derek – Henry (Derrick Henry) in the second half rushing touchdowns three times. Titans 35-14 win over the Texans, became the American League No. 6 seed.

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