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49 CEO Jed York said in the statement: “Since the 8 seasons, 49 people have been fortunate to witness Terrell Owens one of the most efficient external connections in the history of the league. Terre is not only the quality of the body, but the competition is not losing. We are honored and proud to announce that Tyrell will introduce 49 people in the famous Hall of Fame, with other great members of the team history. “

Owens also played 9 games for 49 people, completed 39 battles, pushed 554 yards, reached 4 times. After that, he also played the eagle, cowboy, Bill and Tiger. Owens Career 5 times in the best lineup of the United States association, 6 times selected professional bowl, 1078 battles, push 15934 yards, reached 153 times.

Iblang played 14 games last season, complete 47 codes, picking down 537 yards and 5 times. Because another close-end sharp in the team is seriously injured, it is relatively large if Iblang’s injury is really serious. Impact. NFL reporter Mike Garafolo said in the show: “This is likely to have a serious blow to the lion offense, they need Iblang to become a strong ball spot in the mid-region, he last season A lot of progress than the new show, this year is more expected to achieve breakthroughs, so the Lion team can do it now is the point of view, praying should not be too serious. “

Latport also reported that the chief believes that Jones is part of the team’s long-term plan, hoping to sign a long to sign in the future. Previously, Brett-Viqi, general manager of the team, said in an interview, said with Jones is a priority of the team.

The 25-year-old Jones got 36 hugs last season, 9 killing and once forced the ball, and carefully selected professional bowl. In the four seasons for the Emirates, he got 136 hugs, 33 killing and 7 times forced the ball. 33 times of killing this data since the 2016 season, only in the Los Angeles ram defensive cutaway Alon Donald.

“My performance is not good enough, I am very excited, we have achieved victory, but I will watch the video. I have a little frustration for my performance and we can’t do some offensive. We missed some good opportunities, I can become better.”

Owens was a three-year show in 1996, and the past eight seasons were the effectiveness of San Francisco. During this time, he completed 592 times, promoted 8572 yards, reached 81 times, 25 games, the ball, the ball, 5 seasons, more than a thousand yards. These data are second only to Jerry Rice, ranking second.

It is worth mentioning that Preil is a quarter-saving day of Ohio State University during the university. In 2011, the Auckland raid in 2011 was selected in the third round of the quarter-off, and he participated in the 2011-2013 season. Then, in Seattle Hawks, Kansas, the Kansas, and Cincinnati, I came to Cleveland Brundexer transition from Cleveland in 2015.

The injury is injured in the main near-side training trainingDue to the decommissioning of Calvin Johnson, the third-year close-up of the Detroit Lion Team Eric Eric Eric (Eric Ebron) was considered a season that will be welcomed. However, the new season has not yet begun, Ibrang has suffered a good news. It is reported that he is injured in the right leg in the training of the local time on Saturday. He can’t afford it after the injury, the right leg cannot be supported, can only be carried Outside the scene. According to the Nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian RapoPort, IBLL is likely to hurt the hedges, but he also said that IBL’s two teammates think that Iblang’s injury is not a problem. Therefore, the specific situation still needs to be observed.

Eagle quad-dimensional Kakanson – Wenz: Your own performance needs more goodPhiladelphia Eagle is fortunate to face the seven-round show four-way guards who have got a first opportunity for the first time in Sunday. Otherwise, they may lose the ball instead of winning Dallas Cowgirl with 23-9.

Masis has been played for the Jagua Tiger, and the 06 season is selected for professional bowl, and the 13 season turns into the lion. A total of 168 careers will play 168 games, get 605 cockroaches and 31 copy, and 7 times have been manufactured, and the ball is rolled 5 times.

Lions two years of contract renewal of old will horn Masis The lion and the angle Wirahn Masiss (Reshean Mathis) reached a consensus on a two-year renewal contract, which means that the lions are all resolved in the second line of all the main players in the second line.

Masis is 35 years old before the start season, but he has been very good in recent years. Last season, I got a total of 51 hugs and the first copy since the 11th season. He scored 12 in the PFF website. He and the corner of Darius Slay, Strong James Ihdi (James Ideigbo) and Glover Quin is the best defensive second line of the last season One of the combinations.

“I can behave better, pass the ball to the correct position, but I will not change my radical mentality,” Wenz said. “We have begun to complete some of these long-distance attacks, obviously these offensive today is somewhat abnormal, but the defensive group is great, we have achieved victory.”

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