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The opening of the saints, the four-point guards, Drew Brees, is worthy of the elite, the hand is hot, the first wave of attack is very smooth, and the Mark Ingram is completed in the final one strike. The first wave of Falcon is not smooth, and in the Saint-half-shift attack, he actually turned down in the attack, directly put the ball, and fortunately, the second wave of the saints, once again Return the ball. However, the saints of the defensive group and the special team suddenly developed, not only killing the quarter-Ryan, but the falcon has retreated a lot of codes, but also directly from Michael Mauti. Covering the discard kick, the next time it goes directly to reach, the Saint 10: 0 is leading. The second quarter started, the falcon finally pulled back to a city, and the Roddy White was connected to the 7 yard pass. After the Falcon once again defended the saints, a drum was angry to the top 20 yards of the Saint Saint, and the TEVIN Coleman was hit on the 10 yards and was grabbed by the Saints. Ball right. However, the Falcon is a winning team, and then prevents the next wave of attack, change the tactics, more choosable to advance, and quickly advance to the 17 yards of the Saint Saint, but the center of the center will have a fall. I sent the ball to the saints again. Fortunately, the saints are still unbeatable before the Falcon defense, and the first half is like this.

The first half of the Falcon attack, but the Saint Defensive Group has been in the middle of the scene, soon, let the Falcon offensive group rest. The Saint Offense Group finally grasped the opportunity, and the shot was 3 points and pulled the difference to 10 points. Falcon, the offense continues to be dumb. Saint Shengzheng pursued, very smooth offense, and finally by the near-end Trim Benjamin, Benjamin Watson, Dibelis, Die 2, and divided into 17 points again. In the fourth quarter, the falcon fell into the ground, suddenly rushed to DVDA FREEMAN, 25 yard running ball reached, dividing the score again. The Saint Shed team does not give the slightest, BRI continues to keep the feeling of hot feel, frequently passing the ball successfully, and the running guard Irram also provides a good ground support, and the last code is from him to a score. As the next round, both parties have no points, leave the Falcon final 4 minutes. There are still 1:29, the Falcon run Wei Freman once again 13 yards long distance sports reachaes, 21: 31. After the Falcon gambling fails, the announcement of the game.

On the line of guard, Texas renewed in the 2018 and last year of Wytney Mochus (Whitney Mercilus) and Benardrick McKinney. The three-person combination of Kan Ningan, Mossus and McKini is expected to become one of the best line-guard combines for the league. They will feel a headache in the future for many years.

Heavy rain only makes the raid fans become more crazy There is no doubt that NFL has to fight this week with bad weather. The United States has recently suffered from cold air and storm, and the temperature in 50 states is lower than the historical episode, and even the phenomenon of ice in Hawaii. Auckland in California has also been affected, there is a small rainfall on the spot, which not only adds unclear difficulties to the game, but also forced the scene fans to stand in the rain.

If the former Southern California university star can stay health & mdash; & mdash; it has been difficult to become a reality in the back of him; & mdash; Bush will become a four-dimensional Nakin-Kanelnick in the backfinder. The target of the ball, and his speed is also a big supplement to Hyde’s powerful punch style. 49 people also have a ball-hunter, which is reimbursed through the knee, reimbursement of the knee, the KenDall Hunter, which is reimbursed.

Chan Ningan from Van Tebmer University is selected in the 2017 draft. He played his best performance last season, and won 142 clams in 16 starters, 2 times and 2 times destroyed passed. In the past three seasons, he had a total of 339 hugs, 3.5 times and 13 times destroyed.

49 people signed Bush also add more problems for the new England patriots, and the patriot need to find a way to join the New York Giants Shane Veen. Bush visited the patriot on Friday and many people think he is a perfect candidate for the role of Tom Brady’s offensive group.

But if you think this will hit the enthusiasm of the Auckland raid fans, then you have a big mistake, from the broadcast picture, the scene fans are enthusiastic, due to the performance of the team is very powerful, heavy rain only makes the fans become More enthusiasm, more crazy! At the end of the half, the raid 14: 3 chiefs.

Cheap nfl jerseys From china official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that San Francisco 49 people have signed this running guard. Bush will take 49 people’s mushroom attacks with the second grade running guard Carlos Hyde (49 people need to find a way after joining Frank Gore) Join Indianapolis Replace his stable contribution.

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