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“Brock brings a small surprise,” Jackson said. “He is doing very well. He strives to train every day. I think he really likes to stay here. I think he is really good to get along with other quarter-free levels. He feels good.”

According to media reports, Oswele’s performance in Brownian training is the best and others and his “gap is not small”. Jackson said that he only evaluates him in accordance with Osweil’s performance on the training ground.

If you can leave a queue, Jenkins may have a chance to get a chance in some specific circumstances. Cowboy is currently in the inner plurality of external connections, dez bryant, Terrance Williams, Wholesale Jerseys and Cole Beasley. Experts believe that this may be the last chance of Jenkins career. If you can’t stay in the cowboy, it will almost impossible to have the team to extend out of the olive branch.

Glenn farm passed the 235 yard 2 time in the 25-27 game, and the quadruption was 96.7. From the data, Glennong and Ming Xiu have no difference, the latter first seven games this season, the ball is 265.0 yards, the total of 13 times, 5 times, pass the passes, quit The guards reached 94.4. The performance of the two is better than the first 3 games. Jake Luton.

Robinson signed a 3-year contract in 2017, and now he has entered the last year of the contract. At his age of 27, he was undoubtedly a team of the team since joining the bears. At the last season, he hit the best performance after entering the team, and completed 98 battles to get 1147 yards 7 times.

Eagle 4 points Wei Wenz will be restricted to participate in the training campBeijing July 26th, the eagle training camp officially opened on Thursday, the figure of the Carson Wentz will also appear.

According to Labott, the eagle carefully considered whether to put Wenz into the training list (PUP) due to injury, they could not participate in training with the best state. In the end, the eagle choice let Wenz restricted training, meaning one of the members of the regular game 53 people.

On Tuesday, there was reported that Robinson felt that there was no respect in the renewal negotiation, he believed that the quotation of the bear team did not reflect his value. Although he did not raise the transaction requirements, he had a voice that hopes that the bear team will transder his trading.

According to the NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Wenz will not be trained in the training camp in the last season, will not be trained in the training camp due to injury. This is indeed a positive step for this 25-year-old quarter.

Cowboy signing the first round of the first round, Jenkins Dallas Cowboys announced on Tuesday on Tuesday on Tuesday, A.j. Jenkins will agree on the contract. This extension in the first round of 49 people selected by San Francisco has participated in the cowboy trial last week, and the denim coach decided to give him a chance.

Carterle said: “If it is me, I will not use him to trade anyone. He is a running guard with three gears, can also be protected. He made a lot of contributions in the pass attack, you can be Any defense arranged him to arrange in any position. He is very good, it is the most trusted offensive player of the team. “

Glenn farm is more powerful for the long attack, which makes him more favored by the American tiger, which may be the reason why the Jiji chooses him instead of the repair. In the game competition, Glennon completed several important passes, and did not be killed. This is already a chance to give him a chance to give him a chance.

As of this week, Ford is boring 72.4% of the team, and obtains 75.4% of the scorpion code, and the two data sheets are the first. The old will have to try twice in the field of 8 seasons. Fordi, who is about 30 years old in December, is still the most trusted list of Katler. The transaction deadline is located on November 3, local time, and the bear team is still considering the possibility of trading.

Malone also said that the withered thumb has been recovered, and the trainer said he can fully participate in the training. Last week, Malone said that it would be able to return to the starting lineup before the Ming Xiu can participate in a whole week. Nowadays, even if it has made this, he still replaces it.

Earlier this week, the outer junction deleted the information on social media showed that he was a bear player, but now, according to the informed people, Ian Rapople, Ian RapoPort, he It has been resumed with the team to continue to negotiate.

“He has always performed excellent since he entered the team,” Jackson said. “I don’t follow others to evaluate people, I will evaluate it according to what I have seen …. He is excellent in the team, which is the most important.”

Jenkins, 25-year-old, only played three times in the rookie season, followed by the transaction to the Chief of Kansas City. In the past two seasons, Jenkins appeared 25 times, just completed 17 battles, and advanced 223 yards.

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