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Williams is a first-class offensive cut off, according to the data given by the professional football focusing on the website, Williams only released a total of 12 kills in the past two seasons, of which he was rated as the first attack in the year.

Breddy said: “There is a lot of patience to me. I have a very wonderful experience for the previous 20 years. I still don’t know what the future will be, I am just maintaining patience. This is my first experience, at the same time It will also accompany your family in the next 10-12 days. We have a travel plan, I also look forward to it. “

Patriot 4 points Kam – Newton: you need to better protect the ball

After 21-24, the new England Patriots, the disappointment of new England Patriots, said that he is “unacceptable manifestation” on the end of the competition. Because this mistake allows the team to lose the opportunity that may be able to equalize the score.

At 31 seconds left in the game, Newton took the ball from the Bill defensive player at the Bill 14 yard line. This is the only mistake to hand in the ball, but obviously expensive. In the previous game, he had 3 passes when 49 people against San Francisco were copied. He also said that he had to protect the ball after that game.

It is still unclear that this running guard is reimbursed in this season, or there is still a chance to return after the schedule. If they add him to the injury reserves before the deadline of layoffs (4 o’clock in the US Eastern Time Saturday), he reimbursed the official season. But if they retain Mai Jinnong to 53 people list, he can be reactivated after eight weeks of game.

The last season, 49 people signed a 4-year 30 million US dollars with McKenderfberm. Last year, he did not get a regular game opportunity due to the injury in front of the knee. But he recently had a repetition of the knee injury and received additional surgical repair issues.

In the four seasons of the chief coach, Leide leads to a weak offensive group to achieve 43 wins and 21 loss of results. At least 9 games in each season, there are at least 11 victories in 3 seasons, 3 times after entering the season Match. In the past 26 regular competitions, the chief has achieved 22 wins and 4 loss, including 11 consecutive Melan West District, the victory, the best NFL team in this stage. Reide took 12 wins in the last season, and since the first won the partition champion since 2010.

In addition to have lost 5 games, the giant in the past 48 hours also encountered the following incident: External hand Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham) and Brandon Marshall and Dwick-Harris ( DWAYNE HARRIS) Season reimbursement; Eli Apple, said that the game is grouped by the bench because he is doing the culture of the sins but the problem is the culture of the whole team; the giant will be in the offensive group In the case of the guests facing the Denver’s wild horse with the strongest defensive group of the league.

49 people will add running to McKinnon to the injury reserve list

Beijing August 31, US Time is reported on Friday. According to NFL NetWork reporters, 49 people are expected to join Jerick McKinnon to add a list of injuries. Fortunately, 49 people run enough, otherwise this impact will be even greater.

Braddy and Pillarseck communicate with the free market

US time on Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Tom Brady and Patriots coach Bill Bellcheck (Bill Belichick) conducted telephone communication on Tuesday, topic is nothing more about free market and Braddy’s future .

In the next game, the Patriot faces the drums of the New York jet, and Newton is expected to have a rebound. The team coach Bell-Bell Chikeck said it will continue to stick to the first quarter of the Newton.

According to informed people, the entire event stems from last Friday, when Rogers Kromuri left the team training. In Sunday’s game, he angry his helmet on the field and returned to the locker room when the game was not ended, teammates and coaches considered him to leave the stadium. His behavior on Friday and Sunday caused McCadu to talk to him on Tuesday and told him that he would not enter the list of appearances. He will also be fined by leaving training in advance on Friday. Rogers Krom 3 participated in the team’s defensive group meeting on Wednes, but left, clear the wardrobe and left the team base. This behavior leads to the team’s decision to punish him. At the same time, the giant did not plan to cut him or trad him. On the contrary, they are willing to welcome him after he banned.

Scott Maclone (Scot McCloughan), which attaches great importance to the creation of the offensive frontline, and then took the high-time Prandon with the first round of the five-year-old. Brandon Scherff), he believes that the promotion of the strength of the frontline will effectively fill the shortcomings of several quarter-assisted strength in the team.

Red leather and star left cut Williams for five years

According to the cheap nfl Jerseys official website reporter, Ian Rapoport reported that Washington red skin has signed a period on Saturday with the inner stars on the local time on Saturday, Williams. Five years of renewal contract. The total value of this contract is 66 million US dollars, the guarantee part is 43.25 million, while the average annual salary of 1.32 million will make Williams a biggest attack in the history of cheap nfl jerseys from china.

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