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Extracoring Juju Smith-Schuster is receiving the brain shock inspection process while still diagnosing the knee injury. Entry Dontae Johnson and line hypothyi-Adeni are receiving the brain oscillating inspection process.

“Bill has achieved incredible success during our team and proves that he is a general manager of a celebrity level,” said Jim Irsay, Jim Irsay. “He is one of our team’s most innovative people. He is difficult to play for the enthusiasm of the game and now it is now grateful for the contribution of Bill for Pony and wholesale nfl jerseys.”

In addition, the Saint-Zuzi Terron Armstead is currently listed as “doubts”, but he is very likely to play this week. Keenan Lewis, defensive end Akim Hicks, Akiem Hicks, and David Hawthorne will be played this week.

5. Red leather cut the rushing handle Noah Spence. Sino is 2016, the two-round show of the pirates, the 7th game of Hongki, completed 3 hugs, 1 time. The team signed the contract line Wei Carrol Phillips.

Saints Coach: Looking forward to the first round of Show, Dadport continues to progressIn 2018, the new Orleans saints spending a huge price in the election of the first round, the experience was selected, and the most talented Marcus Davenport was selected. However, injuries make this defensive end of the front yet to meet the desired performance.

From 1998 to 2011, Polyan led pony to get 143 wins and 81 negative records, and the winning rate reached 63.8%. If you go to the 3 wins and 13 losses and 2 wins in front of the fried squid, his record is 138 wins and 54 losses, and the winning rate reached 71.8%.

Former Pony General Manager Bill Polyan Selected Pony HallIndianapolis Pima announced that Bill Polian, who has served as the team’s general manager, will be selected by the team, and he is the 13th person who has received this honor. The selected ceremony will be held at the middle of the 17th week of the Jacksonville American Tiger.

The near-end arm was originally competed with teammates Richard Rodgers to compete for the layout of the wrapper. Any penalties may harm to competition opportunities. Qules received a highly evaluation of four-point Wei Alon Rodgers in this year, the latter believes that the old one has been “progress” in the 2015 season this year.

The toe injury caused Davenport to fight 13 games in the rookie season, and he won 4.5 times during this period. And last season, he first sent 13 games and won 6 killing. Despite the slow heat, he has improved in the second half of the season, in the twelfth and thirteenth weeks, Daxovport got 3 kills, 7 times, 2 times, causing the loss code The number and 2 times forced the ball. However, in the fourteenth week, he was injured in the joints and reimbursed season.

“He must have space to become more excellent, his potential and growth is obvious,” said Saint-Defensive Power Coach Ryan Nielsen. “I think he has made great progress last season. It is great in some games.”

De Shaun Jackson said that he was very close to join 49 people.Due to Desean Jackson, DESEAN JACKSON was cut off by Philadelphia, and then he was labeled in Washington, Jackson visited San Francisco and San Francisco 49 before the San Francisco was signed. People have negotiated, but they did not agree.

At present, the saints still listed Jialeit as “doubt”, but he personally made very confident: “I will do some training on Monday, see how my situation is. My feelings are getting better, I now I can’t determine if I can play, but I have confidence. “Saints still have the hope of entering the playoffs, the team and the Garlette I hope to go all out to the crucial moment and end the regular season with the most complete lineup. .

Saints Star Water Supply Return Training, this week is expected to playThe new Orleans saints came into the news, and the Junior Galette was trained in the local time Saturday. He participated in a part of the basic training and his performance was good. As the number one rushing in the current team, Gallet is looking at the Chicago Bear this week.

At that time, 49 people hoped to recruit Jackson with a low price, the amount given by the contract is much lower than the red skin, but Jackson still said that I was very tempted about 49 people. He said: “Jim Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh, who has been squad, I have been fighting with Stan Buddha, and I really attractive me, 49 people are really attractive. I finally chose to come to Washington. “

Jackson said a large circle is useless, summarizing the money, the money gives more money. Taking into account the current four-point guard and the situation that will be handsome, maybe Jackson’s original choice is better for Colin Karpenick.

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