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Ronald Jones is the star of the pirate, and he completed a 98-code ball in the third section, a total of 23 shots were completed, and the 192 yards were promoted. Tom Breddy has completed 28 times, promoted 341 yards, reached 3 times, and completed a shower.

MiKE McCarthy said that he believes that Adams may appear in the next game. Adams missed the past three games as well as the ankle sprain encountered in the second week of competition. When asked if Adams appeared in the next game, McCartki said, “I think so.”

Murray’s 32 times of the game were completed 22 times, reached once, was copied once, he also promoted 61 yards 11 times, reached 2 times. Hopkins completed 7 batches, pushed 127 yards, reached once. Kenyan Drake is 16 times, advanced 100 yards.

Viking outside the Erover Adam – Sim: If you are in this year, you will not be able to stay.Minnesota Weijing took over ADAM THIELEN, two degrees were selected for career bowl, but 7 years ago, he was a new show from Minnesota State University. He must work hard in the mini training camp and in the preseason.

Mustak star playing the ball PrattDue to the completion of the four banches of the Denver Maka Team, the Denver Maka Team, which violated the alliance alcohol, but has lost its work. The team announced in the local time on Friday to play the player in the 2013 season. General Manager of the team, John Elway, said: “The old man who has been in the past for many years will always be a difficult decision. I represent the Mustang Qi team, thank you Matt in seven years. For the contribution of the team, I wish him a smooth career and everything in life. “

The wild horses will continue to use them from the giant team trades, Brandon Mcmanus, McMarus, in the first three games, live all free kicks and add a shot door and kicking in the foot. I repeatedly kicked the ball out of the bottom line. He shows the competitiveness to make the team dare to cut off the 64-yogle, the league history, the farther distance, the mid-range record holder Pratt. If McMarus has been in the wilderness this season, the giant team will get a seventh round of the wild horse.

Wilson was copied twice by Darrious Williams, and the lower half was lost once. This is his first game this season, and he did not complete the pass to the ball. His strength weapon D.K. May Tacf (D.K. Metcalf) did not pick up the ball.

However, after the beginning of the second half, Tampa Bay completely broke the hope of the opponent. They got the ball 6 times before the second half, and won the game in the 7th time to win, cheap Nfl jerseys how much eliminates the haze of last week.

In the past few games, the bear coach Matt Nag is Matt Nagy to develop a more suitable tactics for Tuskiski; & mdash; let him read quickly, most of the time is short-passed, Let him continue to run, and don’t try to pass long pass. Faster out of the Passenger of Tuski to the small ball.

“I think we must have to let go of some hands and feet,” Tuskiski said. “As for maintaining the radical style, I like to attack in the four gears. This is just a kind of mentality, but I think, more importantly, we have to get more in the Red Area.”

Mike Evans completed 6 battles, pushed 77 yards, reached once. Antonio Brown was passed on 8 times, 7 of which completed the ball, and pushed 69 yards. Chris Godwin pushes 92 yards, close-end edue Rob Gronkowski contributes to a ball to reach.

When the game is only 11 seconds left, Murret escaped and killed and shot on the left side. Hopkins, who were jointly defeated by three, steadily grabbed the ball, complete the 43 yards to catch the ball, and the red scitch was better than. After the red foul chooses to play two points, the remaining two seconds is consumed, completely dispense any of the hopes.

The Nikji This season made Tusabi participated in 35.2% of false tricks, this ratio was the highest alliance. The bear is expected to continue this in the next game. Saints made the opponent in the truth of the truth, and the sixth volume of the league is the sixth year of the league. In the fake running attack, the four-point guards will reach 100.6, compared to other offensive The four-point guards are only 77.8.

During this time, the Graham Gano completed 2 arbitrage, and further expanded the leading advantage for the giants. DEXTER Lawrence (Dexter Lawrence) in the key three-speed killing Carson-Wentz, forced the eagle to let go of the right.

Ailrand has done his own efforts. He has completed 32 times in this field, promoted 284 yards, reached 2 times, was copied twice. Digs bought 10 times in the 93 yard, Cole Beasley, pushed 109 yards, reached 1 time.

In the game competition that is lost in Green Bay packaging workers, the bear tried six four-speed attack 5 times, and they continued to continue the offensive consumption, limit the opportunity of the package of the package. However, they were blocked again in the Red Area again (5 times into the red area to get 1 time), resulting in the final defeat.

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