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In fact, the strength of the country is relatively close. The results of each game will have great casualties. Relatively speaking, if the ram can get the home advantage before the super bowl, then they are likely to sweep the country Entering a super bowl.

Since the end of the draft, the package is praised by 6 feet high (about 1 meter 83), the weight of 247 pounds (about 112 kg), Dilon and the starting running, Aaron Jones, have greatly different. And this is what they first let him publicly appear in the media sight.

Jones received the radio access: “Tony is really great, I have said more than one time but I have to repeat, if he can’t open the big door in the super bowl in Dallas’s entire career, I will also say he has already I have won the super bowl, maybe this is my biggest loss. He is a quarter-saving you can win the super bowl. He can lead the team. So he is also the people in the entire league, I don’t want to put it in the opponent. “

[Offensive formation] SINGLE WING

In American football, a single-flaunted offensive formation invented by Glenn & quot; Pop & quot; Warner is a modern bullet gun array. Today, the meaning of the word expression of single-wing-type model includes any kind of offensive formation that is thrown and only one wing.

At present, Brown Said Safety is Damariou Randall. On Monday, they also signed the defending guards, Gaston, Burris, defending front line members Trevon-Coley, La Shad-Higgins (Rashard Higgins) and defenders Mermaine WhiteHead. Exterior Hand Carrier – Louis (Ricardo Louis) and defensive guard Howard – Wilson was sicking.

There is a unique playing in the single-wing offensive formation & mdash; & mdash; side offensive. The offensive emphasizes that all the health quickly adds to the defense, and all the guards need to pass the four-defense or wing of the slanting. In general, the Triars will directly attract the attention of the defensive end, and then they will pass the ball to other defendings. The name of the defender can take advantage of emptiness. But if he is engaged in full, Mokanusa.Com he directly squatting.

Jones seems to have been trust in Romo, but don’t forget Jones is a businessman. For the 35-year-old Romo, previous there is no way back. If you are talking to Jones, then you will win the super bowl, and he is also best to do it.

Modern use:

After World War II, the single-wing formation is very good in the prevalence, but many of its characteristics can still be seen in modern football, especially in the low-level league, such as high school league. Many offensive arrays, such as dispersing choices, will now use the outer hand to rush with a single-wing pattern. A single-wing type figure can also be seen in the bullet gun. When the kicking is in the center of the slope to run the running guard today, it is still very common today, but today, the main passers will become a four-point guard.

KFRer is Brown’s four-wheeled show in Brown, which is originally 20.25 million US dollars this year. In the past four seasons, he has played 17 games for Brown, including 2 games in 2018. Last season, KFR del De is going to swim, and participate in 474 defensive defensive, and it has also been played at the special group. Last year, his total number of ranking quadrators.

The steel man basically maintains the combination of last season, plus this season may be the last season of Levie – Bell as the effectiveness of steel people, no matter whether it is for the brothers or the next huge contract, Bell has no reason not to make the whole force. And the crow, if health issues are no longer invaded, they can at least get similar achievements with last seasons. After experiencing a fierce completion period, the Brown team should also start to win some victories.

Before the trading got an external hand Odel-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), Brown sent a safe-to-Gabrill Peppers. Safety / Slot Corner Wean Bowa Boddy-Calhoun has not yet got a new contract, and he has already signed a contract of Texas.

Pop Warner called the single-wing formulated shape of his design as a Carlier, because the formation was invented in 1907 that he was invented at the Aliitian School of Carlaire. At the school, the POP Warner has at least three major contributions to football. First, he excavated the sports genius Jim Thorpe; secondly, by let the ball rotated, improve the ball attack killing power; finally, let the running guard play the West, disturb the other party’s defense. Since Jim Thorpe’s sports talented high-profile leverance (this man won ten all-around and five all-around gold medals in the 1912 “Golden Melome, I have been selected for the football name, and I have been playing a baseball in MLB, and I also have a professional basketball). The single-wing formation design designed by the POP Warner coach is basically targeted by Jim Thorpe, and Jim Thorpe’s performance is also very all. He is an excellent pass, the squad, but a good abandonment hand.

Lamb Potter said that this is not impossible. Griffin now does not satisfactorily, some people in the team are suspected whether he can still restore his rookie season. And another part of people are trying to make him continue to grow.

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