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Beckham is still a second-year-old player, a second consecutive game, a second consecutive game. He completed 606 yards in December, which was a new single-month history. His rookie season is already enough to compare with the Randy Moss, and the most popular people in NFL history.

Last season, Washington red leather retained Cousins ​​with privileged labels, ushered in his second superior performance season. In the 2015 season, he completed 29 passes, 2016, he completed 25 pass to Dagua and nearly 5,000 yards.

Hawks close-up Coleby – Parkinson Foot Fracture US time on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, Huaji Xi Xiu’s close-edge Colebi-Parkinson recently trained the foot tabular fracture, fortunately not reimbursed season.

Now he once again became a free team, and the red skin can continue to give him a privileged label or choose to sign a long-term contract. If it is a privileged label, he will receive $ 24 million in the 2017 season. But it seems that Hongki decided to complete a long-term contract with him, and his income may be close or exceeded by Indianapolis Triassa 4-point Delu Luck (Andrew Luck) contract.

However, when the deadline of the application was exited, Bisley did not make an exit decision, which makes his absence mysterious. Titan, Mike, Wholesale Jerseys Mike Vrabel, before, “We expect him to come to the team”, and Jon Robinson, a week before the first week, said that Bisley is “no reason”.

Although the opening season was absent from 4 games, Xiao Beckham quickly became popular with a single-handed single-handed game, which is called NFL this season’s most exciting moment. However, the performance of Xiaofeckham is not only a flower. Since the first nine games of Witto-Cruz, the first nine games reimbursed in the top season, he completed 9 battles per game, and the 133 yards also had a ball to reach the ball, without other outer junctions to reach this.

The issuance of data statistics on Friday shows that in the first five games of this season, the number of illegally exposed violations is approaching the fourth quantity of fouls in the first five games in the season. The number of defensive squares is 2 times. The illegal contact foul has increased from 15 years in the first five games to 59 times this season. Defensive Fangli people fouled 52 times from the first five games last year to 115 times this season.

How can I reconstruct the team more effectively? With a glass attribute of the old Romo, coach killer Carter or the player of Taylor? Several team GMs inevitably aggregate to Bellchik. A flower is not too big, get a famous gorior, comes with Braddy + Bellicik + McDanier’s offensive system seems to be a good choice.

In general, this season has been punished for more than 163 definitions in the same period last year. In addition to the number of illegally exposed fouls and defensive squares, the NFL referee also sentenced a penalty of 14 offensive party interference, 48 illegal hand actions fouls and 7 ridiculed opponents or non-sports moral behavior fouls .

Parkinson, Stanford University, was selected by the Hawks of Hawks this year. Last year, he completed 48 battles for Stanford, advanced 589 yards, reached once. At present, the Haiying’s near-end array is not missing.: Greg Olsen, Jacob Hollister, Will Dissly and Luke Wilson (Luke Willson) has a battle force.

Many fans believe that the referee is too tight, resulting in a foul which is often blown by the referee, but the alliance said that it is actually faster this season: the average time of each game from last season 3 The hour was shortened by 3 hours and 05 minutes and 41 seconds.

Bisley signed a 1 year of $ 9.5 million in Titan in this year’s break, including a contract of 6 million US dollars. However, after the date of receipt of the new crown virus detection, Bisley has not yet appeared. Some people think that Bisley may also do the same choice while more than 60 players choose to exit the new season.

Nfl official website author Mike Maco said that there is a few lack of four-point fishing balls this year to spend the high-time first round sign to choose Cleyssen, North Card or University of Notre. If the four defense, it is basically the need to choose undoubtedly. Like last year, the four-dimensional New Year, Gaofu and Wenz have not led the team to enter the playoffs, let alone this year’s draft situation. In recent years, countless examples have proven that from the university entered NFL’s road to the latitude & mdash; & mdash; young quarter-saved resources, mature quadrants creation opportunities.

According to the new labor agreement, the dismissal will be affected by economic punishment, but in view of Bisley only signed a 1 year contract, the dismissal will not be the reason why he is absent. However, he may still be fined by the team.

When the Samunhan coach was still in the Brown offensive group, he had proposed that Guliblo was the second good quarterfield in 2014, second only to Derk Carl. Recently, he once again expressed the expectation of this young quarter-off: “The pass is very good, very fast, very like a person’s style & hellip; & hellip; I believe he will be a smart and combatful four Defense. “

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