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As the first round of the first round of 2013, England has completed 7 kills in the past two years. The best career is 10.5 times in 2017. Last season, Ingram completed 48 hugs, 7 times, 5 times destroyed passed, 12 quarters impact, 11 times caused the number of lost codes.

The brother of the corner to Jankins is suspected of killing people.Tuesday, the brother of Janoris Jenkins is suspected of being obedient with murder, and the body of Roosevelt Rene is discovered in Ganolis on Tuesday.

“He is still very young, he knows that there are many places to improve, we are looking forward to his future. Therefore, we have to give him a teammates, so that he will be the key to the future of dolphins.”

Xiao Bot used to be a career bowl, but simply click the following webpage reason why he achieved beautiful data was that there were many times in the Brown defense group. We are not to devalue his achievements, but the number of 擒 抱 柯 柯 柯 柯 抱 抱 排 排 排 非 非 非 非….

“Look at the falcon you will know how important this,” Glir said, “The Falcon’s attack is terrible, and their front line members have missed a game. Every year is healthy side by side. So, if you can keep your own attack front line first five tigers, then your offensive pressure will be a lot. “

The shocking part may appear in the guarantee income, in recent years, this part has been steadily growing. In addition to the rookie contract, like Philip Rivers and Eli Manning have recently signed a contract for more than 77% of the guarantee income. However, only half of the amount of money is guaranteed, such as Newton’s new contract.

Joseph said last Thursday: “Two first corner swords can return to feel great. After two, after the mature corner of the opponent, the entire defensive system will be different. & Hellip; & hellip; this will make tactical arrangement More relaxed, the plan is more relaxed in advance. “

Now he comes from the championship to the bottom team, but Brown strives to reinforce lineup during this year. The wire must be the only position that is not reinforced. Now Brown may create an excellent line-guard combination for the first time for many years.

Dolphins believe that healthy front line will enhance Jay-Ajai’s performanceMiami dolphins is very satisfied with their performance this year, but they think that the front line can make Ajai more on the next level.

Mike Pouncey Mike Mike is absent from 11 games this season, the old will be absent from the left side of Branden Albert, and there are still many sharp lines. experience. Despite this, Jay Ajai still has achieved the fourth and 1272 yards of the league.

A total of a total amount reaches nine digits and at least 20 million US annual salary will make only a contract with Buffton, Rogers, Bris, Ryan and Frach has the same level of Rak, but considering the age and current age and current From the increase in the increase in the space of the salary, this contract may set a record.

27-year-old KFRX is at the peak of career. He played at 12 games in each season in the 6-year last season, and a total of 459 hugs will be killed for 26 anti-biography 3 times. At the old man won the road, he is one of the important members of the defensive group.

KFRX is most likely to be a mid-range guard, but he can also fight strong side guards. He will bring immediate results to these two locations, strengthen anti-transmission and anti-running capabilities. If Collins suffers from injury, KFRX can ensure the depth of the lineup.

KFRXs have been cut off by Philadelphia eagle because of wage-in, and this decision makes them saved $ 6 million. Brown’s online guard position lacks depth of lineup. Before Kendrik, Joe Schobert, Christian Kirksey and Jamie Collins were served as midrangers, weak sidelines and strong side guards.

“I think he is working hard to become a better self,” Glir said, “he will be more patience, the offensive front line is also very important. This year, he has to adapt to different teammates every week, this is the performance of him. It must be affected. But there is no doubt that Jay is eager to make strong, he wants more great. “

We are waiting to see what the surprising number of Iries said. Nine-digit contracts are not amazing & mdash; & mdash; Joe-Vlaco (Joe Flacco), Alon Rogers, Drew Brit, Matt Ryan, Kan M – Newton, Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler have signed this level of contracts in the past five seasons. But the contract details are truly interested.

“Go back to our dolphins, keep the state of the first front line member is crucial, but the plan can not change the change, we have to ensure the next season, people standing in the field is the most efficient, can play our best combination.”

“This will be a big contract,” Iris said to the media. “This will be a surprising number, the total amount of nine-digit number and the annual salary may be at least 20 million US dollars per year, but we still have to find the right price to start negotiation.”

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