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In addition, La Potter also reported that Chris Ballard, the general manager of Pony, received a number of transaction quotes that were urgently needed to quit the quarterly ball before completing the transaction. Xiao Ma is now willing to expect healthy Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) to serve as the first quarter-saving, the trading of pony is a reasonable decision. Baraard said that the team is willing to continue to trade down in the election.

After going up, the jet has greatly improved their opportunities to pick up the quartzfield. Although Mike Maccagnan, General Manager, Mike Maccagna, did not expressed the jet hopes, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Rosen, Josh- Allen Allen and Baker Mayfield are the most likely candidates. This transaction also likely affects Brown will choose who becomes a champion & mdash; & mdash; they may pick a quarter-free rather than running guards – Buckley Saquon Barkley.

The jet is announced on Saturday that they completed the transaction with the Indianapolis Pony and got the pony. The jet is sent out of this year’s selection of sixth, and the second round of the selection of the draft will be selected next year.

Brown Coach: Healthy McCane will be firstAt present, Cleveland’s achievements are much lower than those of fans, and the four-defense issues are naturally the focus of arguments. At present, the team arranges the second grade player Johnny Manziel, but the coaching group seems to have different ideas. The head coach Mike Pettine revealed in an interview that if Josh McCsh can stay healthy, he will be expected to be issued next week.

After that, the package industry offensive group still has no state, and the red skin will make persistent efforts, and the package was counted before the game, the red skin close-end Qi Jordan-Reed completed 24 yards. At this time, the package factory offensive group finally awakened, after killing the Red Leather 12 code line from the 20-yard line of this side, Rogers shortly founded the outer handle Randall Cobb to complete the reachable. The package is finally opened. In the next defensive, they killed Cousins ​​caused the ball and successfully retake the ball. And this ball transformation also helps them can eventually get 3 points by playing. In the last attack before the end of the first half, Rogers passed the ball successfully and eventually passed the ball to the outside. Davante Adams completed the reachable, the packaging workers got lead, with 17-11 into the second half.

It is necessary to retransmit the leading red leather at this time the offensive group is dumb. On the contrary, the packaging worker offensive group state is unmanned, and shortly after the first quarter begins, the packaging workers have achieved a continuous third wave of offensive, this success is Run Wendi, then the packaging worker completed 2 points, and the score was rewritten as 32-14. Since then, the red skin continuous two-wave attack ends with the four-dimensional conversion failure, in which the second wave of offensive ball translation is in this red area, the packaging work will use this opportunity to expand scores in any kick. In the next attack, only the red skin of the hopes of the hopes in the offense, in the offense to the package worker 4 yard lines faced the four-speed 3 yards, Cousins ​​was killed and reversed 16 yards. The finals of the competition will be laid, and the final package 35-18 won.

Pet Ting believes this 36-year-old man is the most suitable team. As of this week, he completed a total of 11 passes to reach, only copying 4 times, but the team’s achievements did not improve because McCon’s performance was improved. Relevant persons believe that Brown is always possible to replace the four-point guard, they will continue to encounter the same district in the next few weeks.

According to NFL official website, Ian Rapoport reported that the jet explored all the possibilities before completing the transaction, and McGargan even considered the possibility of the Cleveland Brown trading.

Pert said: “We have been discussing this topic, McCahn is our first four-point guard at the beginning of the season, he is going to fight because of injuries, now he is back. I know that someone wants the team to first send Manze. But as a coach, my goal is to win the biggest opportunity for the team. “This week, Maiju is absent from the training of local time due to injuries.

After the jet fails to attract the Kirk Custins, it is obvious that McGargan is put on the draft. The 2-point quarter-biassa, Teddy Bridgewater has been lacking in the past two seasons, while Josh McCown will be mainly Tutor role. Whether the jet can quickly return to the United States to strongly depends on their first round of the election.

Now, in addition to Karson as the number one running guard, Rashaad Penny and Travis Homer serve as a replacement run. In addition, Http://Smmcorp.Com/ the Sea Eagle also introduced a rookie run Shui Dallas, Anthony-Jones, and Patrick Carr (PATRICK Carr).

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