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Raiders hope to give Boffin Specter chance to let him in after a disappointing season perk. Raiders want to let him back and defensive coordinator Paul – Gunther (Paul Guenther) can work together to help him.

In addition to the left knee, the left knee is severely reversed in this attack and defense, the Belle is hit by the back of the neck, and the chest is also hit by the helmet. After the injury, the Chibley was tears, and the breathing was not smooth. This is one of the times that people have been sad.

In recent years, lightning has been very bad in the victory. The result of the team in the past two seasons is 9 wins, and if you continue to maintain such performance, it is obvious that the fans in Los Angeles will not pay.

Salunan said: “We will not let him participate in the 95% offense. We will be more cautious, look at his state. I know that he is looking forward to playing, the whole team is also very happy he can return, but this and The usual workload is different. “

“I can tell you wherever he will go,” Thalesco said, “He will stay here, we will make some actions during the offset period, then look at how many resources in our hands, when the time is correct When we will talk. However, he will not go. “

“I can’t give a number, but since I came to the team six years ago, I have never seen his state decline. He is now even better than I just came six years ago. So I I feel that the sky is high, and now he still wants to continue playing. You have to ask him (when to retire), but we are fortunate to be in the team. “

He told reporters: “We want to get a very good ball market is to win the ball, only this simple way, but I think we can control, every attack and defense will take the emotions of this kind of emotion. Our fans are proud of us. “

Black Leopard coach Luke Rivile (Luke Kuechly) was in the cerebral shock inspection process, and he was in the second half of the new Orleans saints at 23-20. The paragraph was hit. Rivira did not provide further information on the injury of Chickenley and did not say when he returned.

Philip-Rivers gives a simple way to attract fans in Los AngelesThe flashing team is moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. They will share the Los Angeles market with the rambers, although the rambers come to Los Angeles soon, but for two teams to establish a basic fans and ecotropic circle is still a very important first step.

Taylesco answered in a number of topics at more than 40 minutes of press conference. The most concerned is undoubtedly about the future of the old four-point guards, the latter will enter the last one. In the year, he will enjoy a basic salary of $ 11 million in 2019.

US time on Wednesday, according to nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, Richard and raid people renewed a $ 2 million contract. After the incentive bonus, the salary can be up to 8 million US dollars, including $ 4.6 million in full guarantee.

Boffin Specter insisted that he, unlike other people think of as a dirty player:. “I’m not a dirty player I played against the position of the body is a need I can not play if playing house. I wind the ball is too soft, I do not do my job. “

However, good news is the smallest in the new court, which can only accommodate 30,000 fans, half of the average stadium of the alliance, so lightning does not need to spend too much energy to fill this site.

Richard is usually used to transform the offensive rhythm, or complete the 3-speed short-code conversion. He was 39 times this year, promoted 145 yards, and the ability to catch the Derek Carr has a pass target. Richard was passed down by 43 times this year, and 36 times were completed, and 323 yards were promoted.

Leaving Rivers will ensure that lightning continues to be one of the best teams of the United States, but Rivers will not be the only star player who needs special attention during the team. The last year of Melvin Gordon will enter the rookie contract, and he is $ 5.6 million next seasons. Gordon has been selected in a career bowl this season, which is the second time in his career.

As the main bone of the Black Panther Defense Group, he has always been the most valuable player of the team. If he has been wrong because of injury, it is hard to imagine that the Black Panther can go to the playoffs from the current 4 wins and 6-linked results.

“Everything is fine,” Specter said Boffin. “He’s a great player. He will enter the Hall of Fame someday. Honestly, I will treat the other as teammates greeted him, introduced himself, took all friendly move, there is no unpleasant things. We are the same team team. we are here trying to win the championship …. to be honest, we just might be the team’s closest friends, you know what I mean? so, the past is gone, I can not wait to see him again. “

Linebacker Von Taze – Boffin Specter (Vontaze Burfict) and wide receiver Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) who played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers is the North American League rivals, the two teams devote some pretty rough game .

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