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“You know who you take place? I react is, & lsquo; yes, great. & Rsquo; he once behaves, he is great, this is no need to say,” Newton said. “But there is a little: McDaniels coach, you can now use some tactics that I can’t use. You got an excellent player. You have also got an angry person.”

Gordon This game was his first return since he was banned from December 21, 2014. The game Gordon completed 4 balls to advance the 85 yards, the team’s head-Jackson said: “Everything seems to be a team, he still has a bit rust, but he is Return, at least he is very competitive. “

“This makes me can’t prevent it, because this makes me feel like, & lsquo; okay, I paid hard, do all these things & rsquo; seems to this signature indicate that they did not give me enough respect, I don’t know what I paid Efforts, “Lindsay said. “So I am really dissatisfied. I will not ly.”

Gordon said to his own game evaluation: “Do you know, I think the game is to encounter some angle guards that wear a color. It is necessary to pay attention to me. This is no longer training but the game time. . I feel good, I am very happy that I am very happy than anything. I have a better thing than the game in the weekend. “

McCoo said: “The second year and third year will generally be a lot better than the first year & hellip; & hellip; data may not be seen, but the degree of confidence, the understanding of the game, know what this forecast will change. I am looking forward to seeing him playing this year. “

Of course, last season Bill offensive front line is comparable to the discharge, the squid attack is suddenly, and the external hand is also uneven. This has added additional difficulties to Allen. After the race season training, Lesean McCoy believes that Allen has improved a lot, and the spiritual level is even more.

It is reported that the advancement of the team’s contract negotiation negotiation negotiations in the team and Cosins will not be smooth. Since he will become a free player next week, the red skin has to lock him to ensure the stability of the next season.

“I used to have been unemployed for a few days,” Newton said. “A total of 86 nights. 86 nights. That is 3 months. Do you understand what I mean? I have experienced this day, start, other players and team signed, I looked at them, I think, you can’t say it. Because I am old because of my older player …. Then I think you can’t say it because I was hurt, because of the injury, the player who was more serious and injured was also signed …. Then you Can’t say because I have no talent. “

After experiencing only 2 years of Pat Shurmur, the giants unexpectedly hired new England Patriots Coordinator Joe Judge as a new coach. Jia Ji should lead the expectations of the team salty fish, but recently, wholesale jerseys he has attracted the attention of the outside world because of the team. Whether it is a player who is required to make mistakes to run a running circle as a punishment or often burst in front of the player, these practices have aroused disputes. In addition to Jiaji, Qian Dallas denim coach Jason Galrett and the former Miami Dolphin Defense Coordinator Patrick Graham became a new offense and defensive coordinator. In this special break, the team’s implementation of the new system will be more difficult than ever, which makes the giant in tacit. In the first battle in this season, Can Jia Ji and his coach team let the team work smoothly?

The first week of Monday Night Tourism: Pittsburgh Steelman VS New York Giants

In recent years, there will be 2 Monday nights in the first week of the season. The first day of this season will closely close the old bodcasts of the two team owners’ family relationships (New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steel Man & Mdash; & mdash).

Caman – Newton: Patriot Offense Coach can now use more new tactics

Generally speaking, in the sports world, no one wants to become a successor of the best player in history. It is best to be a successor of the best player in history.

“If you have a player, you can provide complement to my rush like I am in a rookie season, so I don’t have to always try to get the first attack from the mid-road impact,” Lindai said. “I feel,” better, this makes me alleviate some pressure. Now I can complete my mission, use my speed to advance, but also keep health. & Rsquo; “

One of the biggest reasons whose Pittsburgh Steelman missed the playoffs last season is the first quarter of the Ben Roethlisberger. After the second week, the elbow was injured, it had to accept surgery and absence the remaining season. Whether it is Mason Rudolph or Delin Hodges, it is unable to dedicate out the excellent playback during replacement. All news in this year’s rest period has shown that the big rebound is progressing well. We can expect him to return to blood regression in the first battle in the season, which will be huge for steel people’s offensive groups.

Bill runs to Mai Kooi believes that four-point guards Allen are more confident

Beijing June 27th, Josh Allen, Josh Allen, the performance is not perfect, the vision is narrow, and the squid is uncertain, and the problem is not allowed to prevent reading. Compared to the player, he will win in the exercise ability.

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