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“This is also related to what kind of competition, and the number of Wi Wei in the past few years & mdash; & mdash; first is not low & mdash; & mdash; sometimes no some players are so high. The reason is that many people are in the fourth quarter” Four-minute form (Note: Refers to the leading team at the end of the competition to take the way to consume time) “multiple shocks, you can get more than four or five times, let them get among the top five. Our goal is to make Montgomery 20 times a ball. “

Vis Wilke: Pedon Manning is the most reliable trough that is about to return. Wild horses said that Wilke has passed the brain volatile test and can be played in the game. With Wilke Return, Emmanuel Sanders and Demaultius-Thomas will return to the outside, Andre Caldwell becomes a ball. Team taken outside the team. This season, the offense of the wild horse will remain strong, with the outbreak of Julius Thomas and Wilke’s return, the wild horse has reason to defeat Seattle Hawks.

On December 8, 2013, the last Supreme Emirates took the lead to catch the ball, that person was Dwayne Bowe. At the time, it was over 45 to 10, and Bowowa received the 21 yard passing of the four-point guards of Alex Smith to reach the ball and helped the Ai Aik.

Brown spare no effort in the diversity, which has also hired Carli Brownson to serve as a person’s general. The main coach Kevin Stefanski admitted to Brownsen, and thought she would serve as the head of the coach one day.

As other than other players, Brown has different expectations for their new season. He didn’t say that your data would improve but explained that he would be like a pocket monster trainer, he said: “I have no data I just want to take all the ball all, this is my goal for each pass, becomes the trusted goal of Ben Roethlisberger, becoming the team’s relying, like pocket demon trains The teacher can catch everything I want to catch. “

Orlando – Sandrick: Sandrick will play in the game this week, this will provide the team’s defensive group to provide an urgent explosive force, but just a Ski Digli is still unable to change the cowboy two-wire rocking Status. Last season, Skandrick is the most efficient corner of the team, www.Metal-Marvels.com and his coverage of the slot is excellent.

Stadman – Bailey: For the offensive group of the ram, Tavon Austin is currently absent from the side cross-ligament, so Beiler’s return is definitely a great favorable. In the second half of the season and in the preseason, Beiler showed extremely high stability. Austin Davis will usher in a reliable helper this week.

Breddy is no longer a 23-year-old time, but his patriots he led is still a team of fighting power in the alliance, and he is also a member of the Future Hall. Age may just be a number to Bradi, since he just landed in NFL has been 14 years since he just landed in NFL, and he has always maintained a belief and sharpening his own technology.

Big magic king Braddy opened the longevityTom Brady, the New England Patriots team, has proved that he is one of the best quarters. However, he is 37 years old, almost the idea of thinking that the career is about to end the scenery or retirement. This year, his first quarter, in the first quarter, 13 times in the evening, in order to prove that he did not decline due to age growth.

Vilke et al. Will benefit from the new banned provisions.NFL and NFL players have agreed on Wednesday on Wednesday. Although the specific charter has not yet announced that we have learned that there are three players will end the original ban, you can start next week: Denver wild horse walks away from Wes Welker, Dallas Deni Corner Downto Candrek (Orlando Scandrick) and San Louis ram came from Stendman Bailey. Previously, 3 players were unqualified because they were unqualified, they were banned. In the new regulation, the ban on Josh Gordon will also be appropriately adjusted.

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