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Van Pite said: “The technology I used is from 10 years ago. This can help you analyze slow motion, you can write a picture on it. I can share my own screen to Baker & Hellip; & hellip; Enlarge your footsteps, analyze every step, each location, the length of each step. This tool is very easy, although I am the first teachings, but it is useful. “

In view of the poor performance of the steelman, Swan Mason, Mason Rudolph, may think that the steel man will advance the number of code by short through the short pass and try the long distance. In this case, the Dolphin Defensive Group should adopt regional defense to ensure pressure and complete the hug. In the worst case, they can take 8 points to enter the second half.

However, Texas is not all, the Osviller seasons are warm, 25 pass 14, get 168 yards 1 to 1 Dalun, Saviqi is unable to play, the former can lock the first position. Judvie – Crawni also played the price in the outer card of last week, and his key copy of the German people got a reach of the next attack and laid the first frontal leading advantage. De Andre – Hopkins also has the deterrent of underestimation. In addition, Texas has been in the 1998 Sea Dolphin, and the first year of the super bowl held a team of the playoffs. I won’t know that this will bring them an angel.

General Manager, HOWIE ROSEMAN, said: “We have always attached great importance to the quarter, and we have to add a depth of lineup to this location. We hope that the queues are strong enough to be strong enough, and they also believe in the two ends of the team. The coach is excellent enough to maximize quarter-saving effectiveness. “

Romo said on Wednesday in the US: “I am no longer a young man in 20 years old, but based on our current team status, 3-4 years is necessary, I think this snail is a thorough change, I am very happy. Can continue to participate in the training. “

The eagle currently has 11 selection show, still likely to choose a quarter-saving in April this year. Frako gave a five game for the jet last season, the first four battles, the data is flat. Even so, most of the jets are more active last season, mostly by the Fragra team.

Baker – Mayfield through the distance trainingWhen Alex Van Pelt was originally hired as a new Brown offensive coordinator, he had already said that the wishes of the Baker Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) helped him as soon as possible. Integrate into a new offensive system.

Tony Romo still wants to fight for 4-5 seasonsDallas Cowboy’s four-dimensional Tony Romo is a few players who have been unrecognizable in the Alliance. The injury last season has become more uncertain about the 35-year-old career.

Like all players, the first year of Florez served as the management assessment. Perhaps no matter how this year, he may have a one or two years of opportunities, continue to make a bad decision and cheap Nfl Jerseys it is difficult to make effective adjustments to Florez is not a good thing.

Dolphin coach: Do not regret defensive tactical arrangements in the last time in the first halfIn the first half, there is still the last half, the Pittsburgh steel man is behind 3-14, and they face the three-speed 20 yards in the Miami Dolphin 45 yards.

But the Dolphin coach Brian Florez is unexpectedly only 3 defenders to focus on steel people, and all the remaining defensive players are rushing to impact quarterfield. The result is that the steel man in an open area takes away Donte – Johnson (Diontae Johnson) Easily complete the ball and completes the reachable. The steel man shrinks the division to 4 points before the end of the first half and eventually won at 27-14.

Eagle and quadrotajoe-Vlaco sign a yearUS time on Tuesday, the eagle and the four points Wei Qiao-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO) signed a year contract, including $ 3.5 million security funds, and an additional $ 4 million incentive bonus clause.

Florez did not regret the decision to make a flash quarter-offs in this defense. “I think that in the defensive group, everyone is doing very well,” Florez said. “We want to continue to do this. I have no regrets for this decision. The steel man completes this offense, just like the defensive group before our defensive group, we will prepare the second half.”

If the steel man has entered a random range, then the flash is four-point guard, trying to get the murder forcing the steel man back to retreat reasonably. However, the steel man did not enter the player range, and they also need to advance 13 yards. Moreover, even if it is a flash quarter-off, why sent eight defensive players? Don’t consider paying more help to the second line defense?

“We want to be radical defensive. You can rethinking many decisions now. I will not think about the defense. We have made success in this tact. But they completed offense. But at the same time, half score is 14- 10. We have a chance in the second half, we have not grasp these plans. I will not say this is this attack and defense determines the results of the game. We have 4 mistakes to hand over the ball. It is easy to watch this attack and defense and then said This is the most critical factor, but there are 150 attacks in the game. “

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