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The New York Jet held the first training on Friday, but some important references in the course period did not appear. Known, Denzel Mims, running, Frank Gore, Pierre Desir and defensive Didwen Burnsonsen – Camovo ( Bronson kaufusi is due to the absence of leg gluters. The leader Adam Gase also said that Gore is absent from care for cautious consideration, while Mims has used the road run training.

Watekins also became the ninth chief player who received a passage of Mahms. In the 2016 season, the Falcon’s four-point Swant Ryan (Matt Ryan) creative a single season passed to 13 different players to get the pass to the pass to the record, that season Leon led the falcon to kill the super bowl.

The Si Dimensional Swan Muhumus broke Pedon Manning recordBeijing September 24th, the chief quarter, Patrick Mahomes, on Sunday, the last half of the 49-person competition, with Sammy Watkins completed 12 points Array connection. At present, Mahms has got 13 pass to reach, breaking the first three regular games that PEYTON Manning created in the 2013 season.

Arroyo joined the pirates before the start of this season, his original work is only responsible for the training of quarter-saving, but the relatively easy task has not last last, team offensive coordinator Jeff – Teford (Jeff) Tedford has had to accept cardiac surgery and temporarily leave the post. Originally, everyone believes that Ford will only be short-term absence, so the team has promoted Arroyo has become a proxy offensive coordinator, assumes a heavy responsibility of laying offensive. But soon, the pirates announced that with Tefard, Aloho sat at the end of the season at the position of the offensive coordinator. However, Arroy’s answer is not satisfactory, the pirates’ offensive quality alliance bottom.

2014 regular season thirteenth week official team strength listLet’s take a look at the end of the 13th week, the strength ranked by the NFL teams, the package workers rose to the top of this Zhou Liqi, and the raid is the first victory after the season. , Fell back to the deputy team. After entering the last 1/4 schedule of this season, the United States and the United Kingdom card compete for white heat, except for the lightning 8 wins and 4 losses, the Texas people 6 wins and 6 losses, there are more than 6 teams of teams and 5 losses. Although the state of the United States has no world chaos, the package workers, the eagle, and the red scitch three teams are 9 wins and 3 losses, the genitals and home advantages are the focus of competition. Here is the full list:

If the chief offensive group can continue to remain violent firepower, they are expected to break 76 reachaes records created by Damanning in 2013, Cheap Jerseys that season, wild horses, finally lost to the sea eagle in the super bowl.

Norman will become a sixth place to join the new team’s corner after the best lineup. Among the five people, only Dion Sanders was once again selected for the best lineup in the first season of joining the new team.

Don’t expect Norman to become a free player too long & mdash; & mdash; there is a familiar person to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople, IAN RAPOPORT, said in the Black Panther’s decision, there is a team in contact with the team. Man.

One kind is called mobile virtual dummy player’s remote control machine was introduced in the Steelers training. The robot developed by Dartmouth College to help train grapple instead let the players take the risk of another impact.

If the black panther has never given the privilege label, Norman will become one of the most chasing players in the free player market. In many urgent needs of the team & mdash; & mdash; Jacksonville America, San Francisco 49 people & mdash; & mdash; still have enough salary space, Norman will still get a big contract. At the end of April, there will be a high enough bid that makes him become the highest pay for the alliance.

Steelers official online video is very interesting. Although still in the testing phase, the robot can mimic many players footwork, change of direction and 40 yards sprint time of 5 seconds. Video Display robot is used as a grappling training, training and chase as defensive player of obstacles in passing training.

“We found that these devices are countless uses,” coach Tom – McLean (Mike Tomlin) representation. “It was never tired. It moved at an appropriate speed. All position players have the opportunity to use it. It’s funny, you just put it on the floor and then you look at the players to show his usefulness. Look this way training is very interesting. “

The second-line defense of the black panther in front of Norman is a problem. Slot angle Baby – this Vikari (BENWIKERE) has just experienced injuries, while Charles Tillman became a free player. The team has added the slot angle in the offset season, but there is no other measures to consolidate the position of the corner guard.

After the player safety has finally become the focus of attention, a robot like this in the future will become an essential part of NFL training. In the case of a grapple and armor is limited, the impact of such a robot can help the players training techniques and tactics in the case of players not taking a chance.

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