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In the first year of the Patriot, I won the super bowl, as a player who has been baptized by a super bowl, the team must pay more salary to leave him. Bennet has just passed the season, the help of losing Gronoski’s patriots attack is huge (55th battles, 701 yards picking the number of codes, 7 times to reach), and before this Just after being discarded by Chicago, invested in the arms of the patriot. What needs to be considered is that his personality and age (next season to 30 years old) means he has to find a more suitable location in the alliance.

Leading 21 points are still turned over to let the falcon bosses are very frustratedThe team of Atlantan Board Arthur Blanl has been regarded as a super bowl in recent years. Last season, in the case of being optimistic, the falcon only won the 4 games, which made Brack were very dissatisfied. In a few weeks ago, Brand used a loss in front of the media. It was very disappointed in front of the media. Continuous failure made the team owner to sleep. This week’s London, the Falcon leads 21 points in the first half, eventually connected to 22 points against the competition. After the game, the anger of Brank squeezed finally broke out.

You feel that you will not want to recruit a Cossus-level quarter-saving, which can solve their long-standing team commander. Of course, the red skin can be very categorically “no” to all the team interested in Coss, as long as they attach the privilege label on him. Considering that the affiliate is now experienced old quarter-saving rare, as well as the weakness of this rookie in the four-defense position, Maybe Cousins ​​is marked as a privileged player will be a wise choice. Since the beginning of the 2015 season, Kosins became the first quarter of the iron to fight, he has sent a total of 9083 yards, and 54 pass reaches (68.3% pass success rate, 99.3 points four-point guard) )

Top 10 free players in the rest periodThe NFL free market must be officially opened until March 9. At that time, the team has the opportunity to renew with his own players or put the best players in the team (the specific time is February 15th – March 1st). There should be a lot of things in the next few weeks, but let us see the top ten in the next day.

6 feet 3 inches, 265 pounds of body have proved that they have proved themselves in the superb bowl 51, when the team is hitting a line, it is the key to the transfer of the game. Heiliwa, next season, 27 years old, he is a core player that can run and prevent itself in the team’s defensive group.

Let this performance is more amazing is Bolin’s body, he is up to 1 meter 97, weighs 103 kg, such a body is similar to the proximal pendant in NFL. He doesn’t have a lot of comparative templates like this. The nearest two similar players are the 2015 draft two-wheeled Dewen-Fengchens (Dorial Green-Beckham).

In this extremely poor season of Carolina, his total number of killing fell from 11 times in 2015 to only 6 times. But even if it is, it is still very difficult to find 28 years old this age and can be able to deal with the inner line destructive, but also give four-point guards.

In the show day of the Atlantic University of Florida, Bolinge shows excellent. His test results in all projects can be discharged into the top five in front of this page year. His 40-yard sprint is made on the grass, conversion to his grades on the torch of the stadium to reach 4.39 seconds & mdash; & mdash; this can be taken in parallel in the external hand position in this year.

In the interview with the local media of Atlanta, Brack is open to the team: “21 points! We used to lead 21 points. This is a game without any reason, there is no reason! For the team, I have nothing to say! “This remark is not a good sign for the team coach Mike Smith, and he needs more efforts to the future of the team and its work. Another sound is questionable to players, and people began to suspect that Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are still a top player of the league. For Brack, there is only a continuation of it.

He may be the best offensive back in the league, a large part of the reason is that he many times far more than a running guard. Bell’s personal ability can speed up the breakthrough at any time, find more reasonable to tear the running line of the opponent line, and can master the momentum of the audience (can refer to his performance at 14 weeks). In the next half of this season, the dripping of the game and the playoffs. In the 2016 season, Bell became the first single season while meeting the number of 100 yards in the field and 50 yards. He is in the game, the record of the 157-yard code is the third high of the NFL history. If he can fill 16 regular season this season, it is likely to break the number of 2512 yards in the single season. However, the MVP level player has a fatal weakness (when starting at the 2015 and 2016 season, because of the alliance is banned).

After training, he was surrounded by the scout in the locker room. New England Patriots, Green Bay Packaging, Minnesota Viking, Denver Wom Horse and Kansas City Chief is particularly interested. After 24 hours he completed the show day, there were seven teams arranged with him, including Chicago Bear, Los Angeles Ram, Carolina Black Leopard, Chief, Viking and Wild Horse.

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