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Red Rich Cangwei: Garbit is more suitable for 49 peopleArizona Raffle Wei Tailang – Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) Very agreed with 49 people in San Francisco to put four-dimensional Kaepernick’s decision on the tension. Matthew said in an interview that he believes that Blaine Gabbert is the most suitable of 49 people at this stage.

Dispute referee Isli in lifeRemember the 2012 season Green Bay Packaging Current Start to Challenge the last moment of the Seattle Haiying game? In the last few seconds of the whole beautiful live game, the Haiying team still retired from 7:12, and the quasell wilson is alone in the Daren Zone, and the outer hand Gord-Tatt (Golden) Tate) with the other party defensive player MD Jennings, MD Jennings, almost hug the ball. When the value of the referee, Lance Easley announced that the Rules of the Sea Eagle is valid, but he missed Tatt’s obvious push (interference ball) foul.

Fitz Patrick played the best season in the jet in the jet last season, and he passed 3905 yards and 31 years old, and the passers—-page missed 88.0 points. He is still talking to the jet in the renewal negotiation, it is said that both parties are still not small, and Fitz Patrick believes that this year’s weak four-point guard market can help him raise prices, so it is delayed.

At present, Katnik has bid farewell to the 2015 season due to the receiving shoulder surgery. Garbert has won the trust of teammates in the recent performance. Next season, who will become a four-dimensional guardian of 49 people, and is still an unknown.

Matthew said: “I don’t want to deny Capek, but Gabert is more suitable for this team. He is in the field, knows how to assign the ball, is a very good quadruple. I think people discuss When his pass, he always gave him a low evaluation. Garbit and Capenk were different. He is better for defense, he has the ability to read defense before kicking, then choosing different offensive methods. He did a lot of things that Capeni could not do. “

This incident made the alliance feels incomparable. After a few days, they recalled the official referee of the strike. From this order, it seems to return to the regular, but Esli’s life has become worse. Today’s 55-year-old Elis has expressed his depression of life in the interview: “I just want to have a good life now, but this is difficult.” Isli has a tight feeling from time to time. He even showed a light idea.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople quoted the information reported that the previous player before the New York jet and the Pittsburgh steelman agreed to sign a contract with the bear. In order to give him a big list position, the bear team also announced the end of the contract with Eric Weems, Eric Wyms (Eric Weems).

If you are healthy in your body and mentally, Holmes is a strong supplement to the bear team’s attacked offensive group and overcome Josh Morgan, becoming the team’s three. But this is a great assumption.

Black Leopard coach: hiring offense coordinator Joe-Braddy and university experienceFrom the panther hired Joe Brady to the Offense Coordinator for the past six months, New Shuai Matt Lu (Matt Raple) is familiar with him during this. But this doesn’t mean that Lu can rest assured to make tickets this season.

Bill coach hopes that Fitz Patrick leaves the jetBuffalo Bishi Rex Ryan said to the media at the Nfl jerseys annual meeting held by Bokaraton, indicating that you want four points to Wright-Fitz Patrick Don’t follow the same district. New York Jet.

Houston Texas People Offense Coordinator Goldesi Leaves the TeamCoach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) Next season, Houston Texas will still be coached. But the attack coordinator George Goldsey is not so lucky.

“I want to hiring Joe, during the LSU coaching, his offensive system is similar. When a college is a coach, I will refer to many NFL videos. I respect Sean Payton, The system of saints, their execution, and stable high level performance. “

Lu said: “The truth is & mdash; & mdash; I said because I and Qiao relations are very good & mdash; & mdash; until the start of the season, I will not until the chemical reaction of Qiao Braddy in the field. Until the situation varies Before, it is unlikely to coach with other people. When you are being burst, everything is crashing, you can really see the people around you. “

The Holmes, who has won the most valuable player in the super bowl last season, because it is more serious than the original foot injury. And the work attitude of this outer junction has been questioned many times in the past few years.

Ryan said in an interview with ESPN reporter Richomini: “I hope that Fitz Patrick does not want to go back to the jet, I really want to think so. His performance is better than people think more than people Although he is very poor when he faces us, but also he led the jet for a five-game win, and the data he last season is probably one of the history of the jet team. So, wait, wait Let me really hope he can change the team. “

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