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Monnerlin is unable to play a huge loss for Viking people, and they are currently hoping to stop the three-game defeat. As a style of aggressive, reliable slot, Monnerlin is a key figure in the team’s defensive group. This may mean that the new Xiu Macken Swick-Alexander will get more appearance time in the next game.

The more you want to go back to the court, the more depressed, the emotions are somewhat out of control, and the active hit of Austin Davis is not only responding, but in turn to the side of Davis. At this time, the rear of the Ruk’s defensive end William-Hayes, who took the Kuc’s neck collar, was severely criticized to him. It is worth mentioning that the other four-point guards of Davis Competitors, Shaun Hill, who was excited to see this, and the atmosphere of the team was intriguing.

In addition to the limitations of the preseason, Newton’s training camp is also limited. The wheel of the team is the 11th week, I hope that the Waiting of the Season will give the black leopard stunning performance.

Calvin Johnson has a contract worth $ 13.45 million, cowboy is very clear, you want to sign up with Bryant’s contract is not easy, but Jones is very confident: “The value of the player enters the market, no People can give an accurate number. We will handle this problem, everyone wants Dez to be more effective in denim. We will go all out for this. “

After the game, the Cool Cool Cook realized that he was wrong, expressed his apology through the media: “I was a little imbalance at the time, the opportunity of the game reversed, but didn’t catch it, I feel like a sinner. I pushed The behavior of the teammates is undoubtedly a mistake. There is no excuse, here I have to apologize to everyone. At the same time, I would also like to thank my teammates to my support, especially Austin Davis and William – Hayes I have to thank the team and fans to our support, we will continue to go all out, do not live up to everyone’s expectations. “

Stephen Jones, Vice President of Cowboy, said: “I know that many people are concerned with the team and Bryant. At present, there are 3 to 4 excellent young outer hands in the alliance will face contract issues, media It should not always emphasize Dez ‘s future. “Julio Jones and Aj Green have entered the last year of the contract, Demaryius Thomas also hit the privilege label The above three people and Brines have hoped to get a contract in the league’s external hands.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the more priority renewal for Pony is the outer hand Ty Hilton and the left side of Antanyi-Casz (Anthony) Castonzo). “The team is optimistic about the two people before the end of the training camp,” said Latport. “An end of the training camp, the season will start, there is no more time to negotiate.”

Recently, the team coach Ron Rivera said: “I think he is ready. You wanted to see him earlier in the preseason, seeing him more performance, and we have to look It is the integration of his and offensive groups. We can see the results we work together this week. “

Cowboy Management: Fully go to Renewal BryantAfter the election meeting, the teams transfer their attention to the renewal work of the player. Dallas denim is no exception, the team takes away DEZ BRYANT This season is hitting a privileged label. The team hopes that he will agree as soon as possible.

Luo Rivira believes that Newton has prepared it.The first regular season of the Carolina Black Panther will be 49 people in San Francisco, and the team’s four-point guards Cam Newton is ready to become the focus of the fans.

Hilton was a salary of $ 1542 million this season. This quick-ended hand is in Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas, and it has been brought to the doubts. This is, this is not set up for other external hands. New contract standard. We believe that Hilton’s renewal contract value will be lower than this number.

In some people guessing simply click the next document pony this year, I will pick up the outer handle of Phillip – Dotip Dorsett, and the two sides finally will negotiate a long time. “This team likes and is willing to reward Hilton,” La Potter said. “He is a noble person, they just want to give him a new contract he should.”

As for Castezzo, the player selected by the 2012 Dai Shi 22nd is 74.38 million. Occupational Rugby Focus Online That is tenth in the left side of the left. Pony wanted to ensure that he would protect the blind side of the four-point guardian Andrew Luck in the next few years.

Jarid Cook apologizes for the behavior of our teammatesThe St. Louis ram is a leading 21 points in the Dallas Cowgirl in this Sunday. The competition was conducted to the fourth section of the key moments of the ram, Jared Cook, who was “butter hand”, did not pick up the passing of this easily, missed the close at hand. Opportunity, indirectly leads to the failure of the team.

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