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Cowboy Run WeiloTe is dissatisfied with the diagnosisAfter the positive news of Deni and Texas Multi-player new crown virus, Ezekiel Elliott became the first player of “some name”. But he is very dissatisfied with the news.

De Shaun Jackson released: No one can prevent meWashington Red Skirt Entry Denen Jackson has always been smoked with super confident and mouth, and he accepts an eSPN in an interview at the local time, no one can prevent himself, he said: “I think no one can prevent me, I have been thinking so. No one can stop me, whether you are Darrell Revis or Richard Sherman to prevent I am useless, who can’t do anyone. “

[Event Review] Wild Horse 14-10 Sheng Fen, 2019 official unveiledBeijing August 2, US time on August 1, the famous Hall of Fame, also announced that the 2019 season was officially unveiled. Both parties for Atlantan Falcings and Denver Morn Horse.

Fang Ji is also hoping today: he is the leader of the first challenge of the defenders in the history of the NFL. Before this summer is modified, passing the ball is unable to challenge. However, the first Kaifeng does not mean the perfect ending of the ending & mdash; & mdash; Mustang this challenge has not been successful.

The Falcon did not plan to send all the first lineup, and the four points of Matt Schaub have passed the two balls, but they can only return. The wild horses are promoted, the momentum is like the rain, and the 3 yards of Khalfani Muhammad will lead to the first to score.

In the first season of the first four-defense, Jackson led the crow to achieve the best record of the alliance (13 wins and 2 losses) and locked the team’s first Metail 1 seed. Jackson, who led the league score, is the only one-single ball for more than 3,000 yards in the history of more than 1000 yards in NFL history.

The two sides were subsequently picked up, and the Falcon was pursued in the first half of the first half, leaning against the 3 yards of BRIAN HILL. Bente seems to find a state, the more the second half is, the 12th step is pushed 56 yards, and the Tavikio 27 yards have a kick, the Falcon 10-7 leads.

Including Joe Flacco and Von Miller, most of the wilderness players did not play. Kevin Hogan served as a first quartz, 8 passed 5 times, advanced 37 yards. The chance of the small trick knife has also been obtained after the Drew Lock (Drew Lock).

In this year’s free player market, signing with the New Orleans can say that SPILLER has done in your career. The running route flexible running guards are very suitable for the main coaches Sean Payton system, and Payton urgently needs an all-round weapon that can be caught in an open space. And this is exactly the quality of the SPILLER in the 2012 season for Buffalo, and the quality of the 1500 yards is generally promoted. NFL NetWork Analyper Chris Wesseling has said in our blog program: “We all know Sean Payton can transfer Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles into super superstars, while CJ Spiller, obviously better than that.” .

After the twints, Eliore wrote: “My broker is just confirming the news, and the news has been written at the time. The reporters are playing my broker on one morning.” “My broker is not a person disclosed.”

Although there is only 4 wins and 12 losses last season, Jackson still shows outstanding competitive state. He has 13 more than 40 yards, and the top first, more than the second place. 5 Second, the average number of passes per game number is as high as 21 yard, and all of the leagues have been opened far away. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the red skin will meet with the jet on October 18. At that time, Jackson will face the front of Rewick. How can Jackson can be like him, it is worth looking forward to.

When the wild horses start against, 5:21 in the game, Trey Johnson is on the 38-yard line of the Falcon Half. Although it is affected by the player, the rookie quad-quarter-Brett Rypien is not moving, steadily with the team, and finally take over Zhu Wan – Winfri (JUWANN WINFREE) in the right corner of the end area The dangerous connection of the insurance is successful, relying on 15 yards to catch up with the opposite points. The scores of 14-10 were also maintained until the end, the wild horses won the victory.

For so many years, Ryan has been considered superstar potential, basically fans and experts agree with this statement. In recent years, he has returned, but the main reason is due to the lack of teammates who can support him. However, Atlantian Fematch has just hired the Pavement Admission Coordinator Kyle Shanahan, with his help, the fencing of the air and pavement more balanced falcon should allow RYAN to play better and get rid of many years of mildew. Just like the commentator Greg Rosenthal said in the Www 2u Biglobe Ne`s latest blog post program: “Ryan’s new season may not brush out the amazing data, but he is a bit like Tony Romo, the real strength is higher than the judgment of him, if Everything goes well, maybe he can play a season of regular MVP level. “

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