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Jet coach: What we need is a player who wants to leave a groupBefore the Jamal Adams, Jamal Adams, who was willing to be traded, and his anger and accused of more than half concentrated on one person: jet coach Yado-Gates (Adam Gase).

In the report last week, Adams once said that Gain is not the best leader, with other people have not established appropriate relationships, and the team has an alienation. Gates denied all of this allegation and said that the team had prepared to continue.

Wilson said: “Before the start of the playoffs. I told me the friend: & lsquo; Hey, I want to meet Tom in the playoffs. & Rsquo; now, I have done this, we all look forward to this Zhou’s game. More interesting is that the friend tells me that Tom has sent him the same information almost the time. This is very interesting, very wonderful. “

The close-end strike selected by this selected lineup has been determined that the knee injury cannot appear. The NFL official website reporter Albert Breer believes that when the Patriots determine that a player can’t play the game, the player may not be optimistic in the next week.

In the outer top, Julian (Julian Edelman) (Foot) is also unable to appear, four-point Wei Tom Brady may benefit from External Deni-Aremdo (Danny) Amendola) Return to the list. Aged Dora appeared in the knee injury may be listed as unsure. He is considered to be hanging on unless it is repeated.

If Chaminuski wants to inspire all the potential of Andrew Luck, he needs the pony to completely consolidate the offensive front line, find an excellent young main running guard and at least two in the team will become Free player’s near-end.

Before the free market opened, there was reported that the Patriots marked 49 people in Gallopo, but the response received was not traded. So the patriot is reinterped with Newton and spends a lot of money.

Wilson said on Wednesday in local time: “I am not sure that I have to open this thing. I have known Tom through the common friends of Wisconsin. Now we often communicate through email, we are already very good friends.” Wilson It is revealed that two people have not been directly communicating in the last two weeks.

However, in the second half of this season, Chassinsky was taken by the team’s number T. Y Hilton (T. Y Hilton), the latter said that the passenger is not far enough for their high-speed young outer junctions. However, considering the dilemma of the Pony this season in the four-defense position, Chassinsky actually ended the season with the last two games.

Wilson and Braddy are friends who can interworking.Seattle Hawks 4-point Warael Wilsell Wilson revealed in the super bow, there is a good friend who often emails often, that is, New England Patriots 4-point Guou Tom Brady. Wilson revealed that the two are exchanged through email, they have seen the other party as a good friend.

Of course, the fans of Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley and Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell may have opinion. Stewart also has a suspicion of the front teammates, but the two people have actually excellent. Last season, the list of Xiobrackli scored 1307 yards, ranked second in wholesale nfl jerseys, and completed 91 battles, advanced 721 yards, with a total of 15 times (11 sholes to reach), and elected the best offensive.

McCaffli is also the type of a day, this year, he completed 107 battles this year, which is the first time in NFL history. Last season, McCaffli pushed 867 yards, up to 6 times, also pushed 1098 yards, reached 7 times.

The patriot has not pursued 49 people quasi-Galopo After 49 people traded up, after obtaining a blossom sign, the four-point guard has been nearly destined. This also allows Jimmy Garoppolo to increase the possibility of leaving the team.

Old will run 卫 卫 乔森森 – Jonathan Stewart is full of confidence in these people. Stewart was a giant for a giant last year, and the panther was working for 9 years. He said in participating in the show: “The strongest running guard currently in the football industry is Savihe, Bakley, I think. Close to him is Christian McAffrey.”

Although it seems to be a paragraph, according to the reporter, the patriot “did not pursue” according to the reporter. The salary space is a reason, and Cam Newton, which has been re-signed with the team, is expected to be started.

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