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Due to this case, Collins’ draft quotes became a question mark. After this uncertainty, his broker hopes to use the supplementary drain to compensate for the value of Collins and let him have time to get rid of this case.

Collins proposed this reason is that he involved murder together in Louisiana, he hopes to pick it up by the team after proven to be innocent. The local police said that Collins did not have this case suspect, but he was going to meet the police after the end of the draft.

[Event Prevent] 2018 season regular season on Thursday night Falcon VS EagleThe 2018 season NFL regular season will be officially opened this week, and the opponent of unveiling the battle is also full of components. The opponent Eagle and Falcon in the last season will be repeated again in the same site. The second round of Philadelphia Eagle last season, the second round of the game was defeated at 15:10, and finally won the first super bowl trophy in the team. The two teams have traveled 31 in the regular season, and the eagle is slightly advantageous with 16 wins and 13 losses. The new season is defending the Eagle and a stable falcon in the nearly two seasons, which will open the double-eagle divergence, will it bring about the wonderful play? We will wait and see!

At the time of interview, the team said in an interview that the team will continue to observe Effitt and make the decision to arrange him in the appropriate time. As of this week, Effitt has completed 12 battles, leading to other players in the same place. At present, 9 wins and 2 negative tigers or will lose their most trusted red area this week.

Unfortunately, he didn’t work with your brother J.J. Watt (J. Watt). According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, J.J. Watter recently accepted a knee cleaning turtle, but he also said that he is not an income.

The rookie attack cut off Collins application to withdraw from the electionNFL official website reporter Ian Lapport reported on Thursday, the rookie attack from Louisiana State University, the truth of Ruel Collins (La & # 39; El Collins) applying from NFL to NFL to quit the upcoming draft And to participate in the supplementary draft, but his request is rejected by Nfl Jerseys.

JJ Watt’s one-day firefighter life experience JJ Watt (J.Watt), a star player, Houston, is apparently suitable for the defensive online players rather than other professionals. His body, speed, and ability are not to match the player.

Atlantan Fematch was killed in the playoffs for two consecutive seasons under the leadership of the head of the coach – Quiin, but eventually did not have a superb bowl trophy, and the false challenge in recent season changes, and the new season will still be a national offer. The playoffs are struggled for the playoffs. The team’s four-dimensional Samat-Ryan is the key to the Falcon in the national association to maintain its competitiveness. He passed a 4095 yard last season. After more than 7 consecutive seasons, the number of passes over 4000 is already the second long record in NFL history. In the face of the eagle, he has been playing outstanding, and the four games have been taken 10 times, and the pass rate is 100.3. In Dan-Quin, the tuning of the coaches raised by the tuning defensive group, once a weak falcon defense group has also been significantly improved in the past two seasons. The young midline Wei Dian – Jones got 138 hugs last season, has become a large gate of the Falcon Middle Road. Another defensive group of young leaders Safety Weijunnu – Nieil also launched a smile in 113 times. At the two ends of the offensive, there is a non-highlight of the two teams. I hope that I can bring a Mars to the fans to hit the earth in tomorrow!

Watt wearing a load-bearing fire service experienced the feeling of firefighters, and also felt the hard work of different occupations. In fact, Watt’s father is a firefighter who has 28 years of work experience.

Philadelphia Eagle as a championship last season, the road to defend this season is quite difficult. Although the offseason will basically stay in the championship lineup last year, it is a happiness in the four-point guard. In the days of Carson – Winz, Nick Falls can pick up the big beam and lead the eagle to capture the first super bowl trophy of the team in a super bowl MVP. For the eagle to see the insurance, the new season will still be sent by Falls as the team. Last season, Falls pass 971 yards, 6 passes to Detades and 1 turn-up, and became the third place in NFL, first run less than 3 games but started and won the superb bowl. After Lagarett-Brown, Jay-Agay was not letting the eagle’s number one running guard, as a very powerful pavement weapon, Aka New season and Collemente and Darun – Sprtrols assumes the heavy responsibility of the eagle pavement attack. The ball lines leading from Alquin Jeffrey and Zach, Erz, will become the most important weapon of Wellz & amp; Wenz. In the first show of the past two home courts, the eagle has achieved victory, and the new season as a defending champion, can they defend the glory of the home?

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