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Bad News: Wild Human take over fractures or absents several weeksDenver’s wild horse’s external hand Bennie Fowler will absent a few weeks of competition due to the left elbow fracture of the season.

At present, there are 5 players in the Haiying, which participated in each of the opening of the opening ceremony: Carpenter, Britt, Right Made JR Sweedz (JR Sweezy), Center Marx – Ang (MAX Unger) ) And quasi-Wilson, Wilson (RUSSELL WILSON). The defensive group has three players to fill all the files: Richard Sherman, Maxwell and Safety Samm – Qusler (Kam Chancellor).

Hawks Line Guard: We don’t like to compare this year and last year.Seattle Hawague Guard K.j. 怀特 (K.J. Wright) was interviewed this week, talked about the team’s difference between the team and last year. At present, many fans and media are accustomed to comparing the team’s current performance with last year. Last season, the Haiying field is minimal. Although there is a fluctuation this season, the performance of nearly 2 weeks makes the fans seem to have seen the Hawks of last season. But for this, White doesn’t catch a cold.

All the horses in the 2013 year 2013, introduced, including line Weilik, Erik Walden, defensive, Diqi – Franky Jean Francois and offensive Pattels – Gosder Cherilus These free players. The Pony continued to attach the big hand in 2014, signed the defensive cutah, Arthur Jones, and Hakeem Nicks, but they may now see blind introduction of the old free players. Cancer.

Pierre Paul is now not as an expert before the sack, but since 2013 almost no defensive end better than him in terms of anti-ran. This may be reimbursed season injuries to Pierre Paul could no longer play for the Giants. Before the start of the season with the team he signed a one-year $ 10 million contract. He will become a free agent after this season.

The church of the red leather in May, the sea eagle has been more replaced.Before 20 months, the Seattle Hawks were overwhelming in Washington, 24-14, in the playoffs. When the situation is moved, the Hawks have a big knife-wide transformation to the team lineup. At present, 30 players in the team list, including 8 main power, have not yet joined in that game, or not activated.

8 first hair includes defensive end of Kriff-Avre (Michael Bennett), offensive, Justin, Britt, Offense, James – Karpen James Carpenter, Exterior Harvin, Defense Die Tony – McDaniel (Derrick Coleman) and will be injured in this week Lusk Wilson, the original main proximal pendant Zach Miller, Luck Wilson.

Fuller has completed 16 battles last season, and the final biography of Penton Manning, including Penton Manning, has always been taken behind the third, and now the team One of the new weapons of Mark Sanchez, Fuller is also a member of the special group.

Some players are still replaced in that game. In less than 2 years, it has grown to reliable main force: Malcolm Smith, Corner Well-Maxwell and External Hand partner Jemein Colls (Jermaine Kears) and Doug Baldwin.

The 30-year-old Landri should be in the second-line defensive player market in the next season. Pony may have a better manifestation that the security guards selected in the selection of the sixth time in the selection of the sixth time. Randri’s 2012 season played a lottery, which made him a high price free player during the offset period.

Braddy Facebook Self-ridiculous Balloon Technique He has the talent that the world’s participating people are envious. If you use a sentence to describe Tom Brady’s kick in Boston’s red socks, he is “not very”.

The recovery of this season passing hand the impact of Wednesday morning uploaded a photo of himself lying in bed. According to the official Nfl jerseys Network reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported receiving core muscles Pierre Paul William experts – Myers (William Meyers) decided to undergo surgery after examination, he will be out for at least six weeks. In the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the last game, Pierre Paul groin injury.

White said: “I don’t like these 2 characters, & lsquo; last year & rsquo;, we always want to forget the past. This year is this year, we are doing very well, and it will be more and better.” Over the past 2 weeks, The Habé did not let the opponent completed 1 time, and won the winning victory while continuously facing Arizona Sapphire and 49 people in San Francisco.

As a few core players gradually wounded, the Hawks’ defensive group also found a familiar feeling. Line Guibby – Bobby Wagner and Kam Chambellor have played an important role in the game. White also believes that they are a core player who must be a defensive group. Although almost all Haiying fans hope that the team can take out the defense of the rule of the rule last season, White is still repeatedly emphasized the difference: “I am very happy that we will return to the right track, but this doesn’t mean we become last season. The same. We should look forward, every season is changing, always paying attention to the performance of the past is not a good thing. “

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