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Relevant persons revealed that Stegis plans to choose the team after the start of the team training camp. But some experts said that Stegis injured or will lead to his loss of main position, even lost work. As early as a last season, there is a media to question the hit rate and stability of Stegis, and its career is only 77.5%.

The chieftain cut the old will abandon the handkernium Cokki

According to NFL TV reporter Tom Peilssero, Tom Peilssero reported on Tuesday, the chief cut off the Dustincolquitt for the team’s effectiveness of 15 seasons for the team’s effectiveness of 15 seasons. Corki took a super bowl last season, and it was also a perfect date for his own chieftain.

According to the team statement, the decision is made after consulting the Advisory Committee of Massachusetts and the stadium officials. “Gillette Stadium fully supports the position of Massachusetts, this decision is for public interest,” said statement. “We are welcome to welcome fans in August and September, but I hope to do this later.”

On Tuesday, Patriots announced that due to the influence of the epidemic, the fans at least before the end of September will not enter the Gillette Stadium. This means that the emperor will be held in the event of the Sendai Dolphin season on September 13th and the game of the Las Vegas raid in the season on September 13.

The team originally requested Shi Shiz to prove that he can do better, but this time I encountered the injury to disrupted the team and his own plan, there is not much time to leave him. Since the new season’s additional shot door distance will be adjusted farther, the team needs to play the game more stable. Stegis needs to rehabilitate as soon as possible and find a way to stay in the team.

Dolphin kicks Stunz injured

Miami Dolphin Kicksha Kales – Sturgis is attempting to hurt in the legs in a play. The local media took the lead in reporting this news and revealed that Stegis would take at least 2 to 3 weeks. Subsequently, the news is also confirmed and said he will not participate in the remaining training programs.

Although Kui’s average annual salary does not roll the top ten in the player, but cut this 38-year-old old will bring $ 2 million in space for the chief. Before cutting Cocrat, the chief salary space is only $ 3.55 million.

Laululinnei, who has spent the University of Ohio, has a good time for the St. Louis ram in the past 7 seasons before his career. In this time, he is a hug machine. From the first game of his career, he got a first chance, he was at least 109 times during the effective ram. In 2015, he set a record of the team’s history.

Dastin Kukui specially had a brother Britton, cnft.Wiki BrittonColquitt, who was discarded by NFL – Brittoncolquitt, and the two people were very similar. The 35-year-old Britton was in our own contract. The last year was saved by Brown, saving salary space.

The chief is activated from the injury list.

Joe Mays, Kansas, Joe Mays, ready to return, and the team announced on Saturday that the old war line is activated from the injury list due to wrist surgery in 8 games this season.

It is still not sure that Metz will play Sunday’s game (5-3), and the chief hope can eventually let Mezh Maugh, Moq, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Moq (Josh Mauga). Buffalo is more concerned about Justin Houston. This white hot chieftain has taken 12 times this year, Houston is expected to break the Emirates by Derrick-Thomas (Derrick) The team history of Thomas has recorded 20 times.

“When the training period started, I miss the most missing room,” Laulinnes wrote. “The words and relationships that I have interspersed with all the teammates who fight side should be my favorite memories. Players, coaches, equipment managers, medical staff, fans groups, team market development, etc. The person I have encountered in your career will always remember. I have been more bless than I expected in your career. I have been able to achieve the dream since the fourth grade start, I am very grateful. Thanks to the ram Choose me in the election and give me a chance! You gave me a chance to struggle in my favorite sport, I returned everything I can do to St. Louis. Thank you for letting me play the last year of your career. Thank you The best broker CAA, especially Tom-Canton, RJ-Palace, Howard, Skal, Small Tommy and Hyrh, Goldz. Thank you for your contingent Support. I still love the game, but my body said it is time to let go. I really look forward to the next time with my beautiful wife and my daughter. “

Metz took the sixth round by the Philadelphia eagle in 2008 and played two seasons in Philadelphia, and came to Denver’s wild horse three seasons, and then played 13 games in Houstown in Houstown last season.

Dun Ru said: “Many teams (I) expressed interest, but only the truly competitive team gave a contract. However, the Hawk is where I want to stay, so when the Haiye gives the contract, I have completed the contract within 24 hours. “

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