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Dolphins star wide receiver: the red zone can not blame the poor offensive coachIn this week’s tournament on Thursday night, the Miami Dolphins home 22: 9 victory over division rivals Buffalo Bill, continue to fight for a playoff spot. But the dolphin’s face is not satisfactory in the face of Bill’s game in the first half only got 3 points, scored six times into the red zone only two touchdowns, offensive red zone efficiency is very low.

In the past season, these two people could not prove that they can become the team’s routine race, but the new season package has to choose them. The nearest team coach Mike McCarthy suggests that Montgomery may be the starting running guard.

Five this week, the Dolphins top wide receiver Mike – Wallace (Mike Wallace) said the poor offensive team in the red zone can not push the responsibility to offensive coordinator Bill in an interview – La Zuoer (Bill Lazor), he said. : “we are very difficult to get in the game a week before the end zone touchdowns, tactical coach (La Zuoer) is no problem, we need to perform better people always blame the coach here do not, there do. not much, but the coach does not let us touchdowns, he was not in the game field. we are the players responsible for touchdowns. like today, six red zone only two touchdowns this performance, perhaps into the playoffs no problem, but there can be a big breakthrough. “

Woods signed a $ 4 million contract with the ram in 2017, and played his own worth in the past few years. In the past three years, Woods ranked the best in the number of batches, and the number of push the number after the ball was raised. He has pushed thousands of yards in 2018, and the 20th season. In Monday, Woods completed 6 batches and pushed 105 yards.

In the first playoffs in Cleveland, I also contributed a key attack in the 26th year of 26 years. After the screen is shorted, the 40 yards are pushed. In the fourth quarter, I completed the Arhead, and finally Brown 48-37 wins Pitsburg.

The new contract salary totaled $ 36.6 million, including 20 million US dollars. In the past two seasons in the past two seasons in the past two seasons in the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the key members of the Brown offensive have been promoted by 5.25 yards per time. In 2019, he only won 47 yards to surpass Derrick Henry and became a rushing code king. Last season checked four games due to lack of knee injuries, but still screwdrivers 1070 yards, ranked seventh.

Packaging workers hinted Thai-Montgomery or will be startedWith Eddie Lacy and James Starks left Green Bay packaging workers, cheap nfl jerseys the team’s running guards were significantly reduced, so Montgomery and Christine Michael Michael became the start of the running guard.

Ram and External Car Robert – Woods for 4 years $ 65 million US time is reported on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, the ram and external hands Robert Woods will renew the four-year contract. The salary is 65 million US dollars, including $ 32 million security, $ 3 million incentive bonuses.

So the problem is coming, can Montgomery keep health? He completed 15 games last season, but since the feet injury, he missed a large number of games. At that time, he completed 6 games, the position is still taken.

Although McCarthy gave McChall highly evaluation, the latter became the main ground firepower of the team last season, and became the main ground of the team, and created a single 162-yard record when the Chicago bears were in December. We still think that the packaging trade union strives to reinforce our own running guards before the start of the season.

Under the big context of “passing the ball offensive prevale”, this season has passed on the big direction of the next season, and the alliance is increasingly using the pavement to advance, and the short-term pursuit of more expensive, in short, Large tap. Although the offensive tactics did not have much innovation than the season, the RPO’s comprehensive penetration is higher, and the more frequently used the screen short pass, and even the near-terminal strike can become a short-lived ball. . The high-profile premium of the total alliance is still the second high-speed power, and the innovation of tactics has deeply affected the Alliance.

Opening season Andrew – Luck could not endure the pain, and the retired, the red-skinned Alex-Smith also continued to be injured because the right leg was seriously injured, and the coach Jay-Groen also was difficult to find the core.

Because of the limited appearance time in the time of the Attack Coordinator, McCaron has been associated with Cleveland Brown. When the injured Andy Dalton in 2015, McAllen’s 156 passed 99 successfully achieved 1044 yards 7 times to 3 times passed. As the first quartz, he got 2 wins and 2 losses.

McAllen was selected in the fifth round of the show in 2014, before the University of Alabama, he won a total of 3 national champions. In most of his career, he served as a quarter-saving, but he played a first level in a limited appearance time.

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