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However, Griffin’s current state is still more satisfactory. Jackson said: “Griffin has improved now, he is getting more and more stronger every day, can faint feelings, he is doing Get more and more great. “

Johnny Manziel can be said to be the focus of the news media this season. Of course, it is also a problem that the problem is a problem. When he ran it, he will become the first quarter, the preseason The last game is still angry to the opponent player. Of course, he is a player who is very talented to appreciate the fans, and the player who is annoyed by many people is ignorant because he is proud, but he did not appear in this game.

San Francisco 49 people signed four points Kristian – PoundTuesday, San Francisco 49 people completed the team’s four-shock panel depth, according to the ESPN reporter’s news, the team and the old four-dimensional Swan Kristian-Bound completed a year contract.

Jackson had hidden in the state of Robert Griffin III in May, but now he is important “to make the right decision, but not fast.” Lifen needs to show an excellent state in the training to let the coach will give him the first position as soon as possible. After all, he has no team to win the game since December 2014.

Brown coach still does not urgently determine the first four-point guardCleveland Brown New Year’s Coach – Jackson Hue Jackson has said that the first quarter-saving candidate will be determined early in the last month, and it will not wait until the start of the game. However, he admitted that he was not ready for the week. He said in an interview: “When I am right, I will let you know these reporters, believe me.”

The patriot has signed a year of Austin SEFERIAN-JENKINS in one year old. Safflian Jankins chose the latter between Seattle Hawks and Patriots. He received a $ 50,000 signature bonus, and it was also possible to get $ 40,000.

New England Patriots: Strong Bryan Stork Incident Training, Corner Veranden – Brandon Browner Knee injury Participate in some training, Line Doute A Thai ( DONT & # 39; a hightower) shoulder injury to partial training, defensive cututs, Chris Jones, Chris Jones, elbow, injury, Participate in some training, external handle Blannd Raphael (Brandon Lafell) shoulders and toes to participate Some training, quad-Bath Tom Brady ankle injury participated in all training.

Indianapolis little horse: Vontae Davis Knee injury is absent training, line Wei Dequier-Jackson (D & # 39; Qwell Jackson) Physical clutch absence training, angular Wirago Greg Toler ‘s injury is absent from the absence of training, and the line guards Erik Walden knee injury participates in some training.

It is also a Monday night game in the Pacific Northwest, in this game full of wonderful and second half, the Hawks won the last moments of Bill. Both teams face a lot of health problems (in other words: depth issues). Russell Wilson did not recover injuries in the authors, especially in his own buses. The foul dispute in the first half of Richard Sherman still has no stops & mdash; & mdash; Bill fans and a group of eating melon spectators are still concerned. Is this a fruit of a sea eagle 12 people “all the happy” (ie the sea eagle victory)? Or have any fans who think this penalty is also a problem? Go to Twitter to find @harrisonnfl to find an objective answer.

Nfl jerseys regular season, the ninth week strength listAfter the season, the teams also have to start creating the small points. In addition, China’s “Double 11” happens to be the American veteran, commemorating the war of war, and those soldiers who have given up their own freedom for the country. Any freedom is not easy, pay tribute to all soldiers! None country!

The Dallas small train “呜” did not stop signs. Cowboy is currently the only team with a full-sports proportion of a global proportion of the ball, which seems to have a distant point of rugby today. Do you know? Facing Brown has not changed. Cowboy chose 42 sportsballs, but only 28 passes. I believe that Jason Garrett will still implement this policy when the Sunday is facing steel people. Some people also see how Ezekiel Elliott “just” advanced 92 yards. However, he had a code to reach 5.1. Almost forgot, he has completed 2 times.

Wow! What can i say? You absolutely can’t think of Matt Stafford to lead the lion to the shooting area without paying in the last 23 seconds of the game, isn’t it? It is true that this is an Armstrong’s radius to accelerate the radiant Armstrong gun, but he heard the & mdash; & mdash; this team is at least at least four points. Also give Matt Praater32 praise, his 58-yard shot success seems even if the 68 yard is trying to do. Perhaps we need to “scrape a look” on the current lion. Ok, in fact, when four people & mdash; yes, one two three four four & mdash; Matt Asiata in the back field at 3 gears, let Kyle Rudolph is in the end area, they do look Very “Lion”, “the Lion Lion” before the three days.

Safflian Jenkins in the early stage of Tampawan pirates and considered to be a player who had a sports ability and capable of completing large-size attack. But lasting is sick and destroyed his career. However, when he is healthy, he is still a stable ball, in 2017, he completed 50 centers for the New York jet to achieve 367 yards 3 times.

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