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Bradford’s six-year rookie contract, worth $ 78 million. Although the performance is far from expectations, but his ability to still get the Eagles recognition. In click the next document near completion of a huge contract premise for Bradford, a conservative posture to accept a long-term, safe and cheap contract does not meet his expectations. Therefore, Bradford decided to meet the challenge, with the performance to prove himself worthy of a new contract.

The report included three sources of sources, one of the people’s number of people will be controlled at 80 people, and their second did not disclose specific number, but “absolutely not 90 people”. The third message source represents “hearing a lot of discussions about 75 people.” Considering that the preseason has confirmed that it will be reduced, the team is not as needed as many players to participate in the training camp as in previous years.

DESEAN JACKSON, Jackson, pushed 146 yards, got the 27th 50 yards of career, with the famous Hall of Fame, Lance Alworth and Terrell – Owens (Terrell Owens) concurrently third. The first second of the list is Jerry Rice (36) and Randy Moss (29).

For Bradford, it was a gamble, he will stack pressure on his body. If he is to stay healthy and perform well, he will have the opportunity to win large contracts again. Bradford over the past two seasons because of season-ending knee injury, after joining the Eagles, he hopes to recover as quickly as possible to complete a full season, and with the starting identity lead the team forward. According to reports, the team has him as the new season starting quarterback.

Bradford will consider the issue next contract after the end of the seasonPhiladelphia Eagles in a more adventurous way to get quarterback Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford). Bradford has entered the final year of the contract, the Eagles will pay his salary worth of 12.98 million US dollars. According to the official NFL Network correspondent reported that Bradford has decided to fulfill the final year before the completion of the contract, we will not accept renewal and restructuring.

Of course, Bolo does not feel that he can become a player such as LeBron James in NBA, he gives himself the NBA template is the Cleveland rider after Matthew Dellavedova. Although I believe that I will perform well in shooting, Bolo admits that I will not be good at defense. “I can’t prevent anyone,” he said.

“I can shoot in the bottom corner, get 12 to 15 points, shoot a few three points,” he said. “You have to let me and LeBron or Chris Paul, so I can stay in the bottom corner, let them organize the attack and feed the ball to me.”

Candidate quadruption 卫 Qiao-Bolo: If you can take 12-15 points in the NBA single fieldLouisiana State University Quartz, Joe Burrow, is the most popular candidate of this year’s draft, but he feels that he has achieved success in other sports.

The giant temporary head coach said: “We have increased his training at a little bit. I have said that he has been preparing, like it will become the quarter-saving, and even play. So, prepare is still the same We just want him to get some opportunities on the training ground. “

NFL is considering reducing the number of training camps US Time Thursday, according to ESPN reporters, in order to fight new crown epidemics, prevent viruses from further spreading, the number of training camps may be reduced from the original 90 people.

At present, Weber is still the third fourth part of Manning and Kino-Smith, but he and the first family may be a signal & mdash; & mdash; he may be on Sunday to Arizona. Before the game, career is activated for the first time.

Burro has indeed a basketball experience. He used to be a school team member during high school. During the college football season last season, Louisiana’s colleges have played basketball in the semi-finals with the University of Oklahoma, and Bolo played a good help team won. His parents recently revealed that he would choose to play basketball instead of a scroll in the university. Burr is until the high school, began to seriously consider playing rugby.

The pirates were all over the history of only 400 yards in the history of the only one in history, got 4 reachaes, did not have a copy, and completed a slapted player. The red skin quartz, Mark Rypien completed this results in 1991.

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