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Harris claimed that the group of Clarbtri had attacked himself.The US time Sunday, Denver Horse against the Auckland raid game caused a fight against a gold chain, one of the protagonists, Michael Crabtree, became the focus of the media.

In addition, the tiger also signed a $ 45 million contract with the defensive end of Carlos Dunrad (Carlos Dunlap). The Salament of the Dun Ripu is $ 7 million. He is 29 years old. It is selected to be a professional bowl. The whole career has passed the Tiger. In the past four years, wholesale jerseys it will be described as a model player.

Before Alexander, he turned into a multi-team, eventually joined in Bill in 2016. He carefully of the top ten seasons, but in Buffalo, he made his career and became the center of the defensive group and the high school column of the high school group.

From this season, some NFL referees will have the opportunity to play law enforcement with CFL’s referee in June and July, and they will follow the NFL annual law enforcement assessment projects at the end of July. Start their NFL season.

The reason for layoffs is that Coronber has produced a serious oral dispute with the main coach Joe Joe Judge. On Tuesday evening, when Kikunburg team plans to hire Dudoguri Ai Mo, Coronber has expressed the objection.

Giant cut off attack front line coach Mark CorrenboUS time on Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, giants cut off the offensive front line coach Mark Columbo, will let Dave Deguglielmo successfully.

Due to Dudagi Amo, Coronber thought that he was despised. Some news said that Jiaji wants to get more controls that are not familiar with themselves through the hiring of “one of the familiar people”. Di Gui Ai Mo worked at the 2014, 2015 season for the new England patriots, this time, Qi Qi got the opportunity to work with him.

“This historic cooperation allows two league’s referee to have the opportunity to work together in the training activities and have more appearances in the professional level competition and become better,” CFL is responsible for competition. Senior Vice President Glen Johnson said. “We are very happy that there will be some referee will actively participate in the NFL training project and now we have a formal cooperation path with them in the future.”

Falcon defensive Didwood Cleibern will ablate the remaining seasons Atlantian Fundwl may win the playoffs for the Seattle Hawks, but one of the important players in their array will ablate the remaining games.

“At any time our new referee can get more enforcement time on the court, these practice in training or in the game will make them better referee,” the senior vice president of the Union’s competent referee, Den Brandi DEAN Blandino is said. “Cooperation with CFL will of course be beneficial to us when we prepare for the 2016 season, we look forward to meeting our CFL referee with our cultivation items later this year.”

The number CFL referee will then participate in the NFL’s referee training project, this project is to train the top level of referee in all aspects of NFL enforcement. The project content includes participating in the NFL mini training camp and training camp, law enforcement preseason, and experienced NFL referee to study specific locations, research law enforcement skills and NFL and other leagues, including rules between CFL and university league .

After Cleiborn lack, thunderstorms will need other people to fill vacancy and in the lower competition, and Vic Beasley is given to the opponent quartz to manufacture pressure. Bisley made a breakthrough in his second season, completed a total of 15.5 times. But Bisley and Kreborn are players who have only 3 times in the Falcon.

In the second season of the Falcon, Krebern won 4.5 kills in 13 games, ranking the second team. The passing shock hand spent four seasons in Tampa Bay in the past four seasons, with a total of 13 killing.

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