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Murray got 39 yards 1 time in 12 shots in the hug of Houston Texas. Murray played 15 games last season, he was lacking in October after 2 games due to his toes, and then injured in the second half of the season.

Viking’s training report showed that Digs missed the training. The team explained that he had nothing to do with his absence, but did not provide other details, nor did it disclose whether he would participate in this week.

Although personal performance is very exciting, Brown is disappointing. After the trading, the Brown was once considered to be the team that was most likely to win the US north of the United States in Odell Beckham Jr. But in the end, their record is only 6-10, and the partition is ranked third.

Dedg signed a $ 7.2 million renewal contract with Viking last year. So if the Viking offensive group continues the previous performance, not only Dirgs can’t play the performance of the price, he may not continue to stay.

According to the Denver Media reported in the informed news, the second round of the second round of this year was selected to have the “quad-saving exclusive” terms in the contract. This will give him more guaranteed income than the past players.

During the Aikalan, they only got 12 points, while the semi-final semi-finals acquired 32.8 points and defeated the new England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagle. After that, the chief’s pass offensive begins to decline. There is no passage of Smith in the past eight games in the past three games.

In the team, there is an exciting rookie four-point guard Patrick – Mahomes and the team’s playoffs hope that no one will really blame Lude test to use a young four Defend, especially considering that the Emirates offensive group in the past few weeks is poor.

What is more complicated is that in Locke, the offensive front line player Dalton Lansner has just signed a 4-year value with the team. More than 7 million US dollars. Among them, there is a rookie contract including $ 3.2 million signature bonuses. It is reported that when the contract negotiations, the broker asks Lesner’s rookie contract value that is less than the contract obtained by the player selected after him.

A few days ago Dedge sent a expression that expressed disappointment. This inspires the outside world to guess if he will be traded. According to informed people, at least one team is interested in trading Dig, but Viking has vests the transaction.

This season, the Viking offensive group is mainly in the offense of the ball, and the four-point Wei Kark Cousins ​​is poor. Digs data declined, and completed 13 batches in four games in the season.

The chief coach: Cheap Jerseys From China there is no intention to put the quarterly SwanAfter the Kansas City Chief 10-16, the four-point Wei Alex Smith, the Alex Smith, who requested him to hand over the starting position, and asked him to pay more than a long time.

Nowadays, since the wild horse players have reported to the training camp, Locke may at least absent a portion of the training camp training. Despite the existence of Joe Flacco, the Locke is not a team’s first quarter-saving, but lacking enough training time may lead to him as a team No. 2 quarter-off.

Hawks sign the first round of the first round of the first round of the defensive trip US Time Thursday, Habit official announced that it will sign with the former first round of defensive cuts Robert Nkemdiche.

Kenmdo is the first round show in 2016, but due to poor performance, there is no ball last season. According to reports, Kenmdo hopes to be able to have a chance to play in the Alliance and perform excellent in the trial of the Hawks.

The wild horses have issued a contract with Lesner’s same training bonus, but the Locke is clearly indicated to a higher quote worth a higher than the contract value. It is convention that Rock should receive a 4-year $ 7 million, including a contract of $ 311.9 million.

After being selected by the first round of the red row, the Kenmdo’s birthday was held in the first two years, but did not start, and did not complete the killing. His performances in the 2018 season have improved, in 10 competitions (6 starts) complete 4.5 times, but the knee injury makes him end early season.

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