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In the pavement attack, the pavement of the Falcon is not playing, the packaging works will be covered by cover, and the measures of the anti-running of the safeguards are quite effective, and the two run saving can only see the needle to steal a few chiral grass. A thing. All the security of the attack is pressed against the pass attack.

Taylor is a five-year show in 2018. It played 8 games last season, and 7 were first. His rookie contract has been left in this summer, due to the introduction of Quinton Spain, Mickey Mors (Mitch Morse) and Jon Feliciano.

John Dorsey, General Manager, said: “This will increase the depth of lineup to our striker. I think he still has room for development. When he is in college, I like him very much, I believe he can and offensive Grow together.”

Talking about the steel person attack, the first half of the second day, the first gel is not received, but the four-stage conversion of the third section of the third section failed, the two waves failed offense may be the steel man’s whole attack The epitome, in the case of the United Nations, the number of key codes of hard bridge, and the long biography, which are limited to the region of the patriot rigid seam, can only do article in the middle short distance, like basketball game In the middle, the opponent seals the basket and three-line line, so that you will grow in the middle, this is the lowest efficiency offensive mode. The steelman has a big backward and patriot, but there is a key point to make a lot of money in the field, which makes the four-point guard of the elite level of Dajin. Observing time completes the pass, the steel man offensive is very slow, but the big personal abilities continue to win the team’s wins, if the end of the front offense is better, then this game will never be three knots burden.

49 people do not implement contract options, joining will become free playersBeijing March 8th, San Francisco 49 people announced that Pierre Garcon’s contract option will not be implemented, which means that the old will take out the exterior will become a free player.

Hawks Coach said: Winning will rely on LynchoSeattle Hawks’ offense coordinator Darrell Bevell is questioned because of the loss of Dallas cowboy, the focus of contradiction is Marshawn Lynch, and only the ball runs 10 times.

He said: “Questioning the voice always exists, because they are all players of Fantasy, and I am not, I care about the player’s score. I care about how to win, and Lin Qi is the key to God. I It is better to make him a chance to get the ball. “

This high-end take-away has reached a record of 90 goals in this season, and his previous three seasons averaged 40 times a season. Plus Platini-Havin’s addition, the jet external connector has become very sufficient. However, Kelly is the most trusted pass point of Kino-Smith (Geno Smith). He has completed 22 battles this season and a reachable.

In the past two seasons in the past two seasons, plus eight games per season, followed by being placed in the injury reserve because of the neck injury and knee injury. He has tried to take injuries last year, but it was still accepted arthroscopy in December.

The 32-year-old plus is 49 people coach Kel-Salunhan (John Lynch), John Lynch, is signed in the first free player after 2017. Pixaban signed a 5-year rich contract and is expected to dedicate excellent data and bear the role of the cloak leader, but injuries allow him to use more leaders rather than the appearance.

The bitter fruit of the raid toxic is that Rogers is less than ten minutes, and the 119-yard transcript of 12 passes, Judge Nielsen and Randel – Kobe is also relaxed, seeking truth from facts. Packing work should not be sealed in half, but you look at the results of the four waves of the first half: the first wave Mason – Cross is missing 41 yodi, the second wave of Trickski in the Falcon Half the ball is championship; the third wagon is kicked; the fourth wave is passing by the copy. There is such a lot of mistakes in the home court of the Falcon, and the opponent offensive efficiency broke out. I believe that ten games will be played again, it is impossible to play such a first half process, but this first half has determined the ownership of the country.

At that time, Yangnick collided with the referee, his behavior was sentenced to no exercise morality and punished 15 yards. The cause of the time was 49 people to run to Matt Bradrad (Malik Jackson) conflict with Malik Jackson, Jeff Triplette tried to separate the two. It was hit by Yangnick.

According to the team’s twitter report, Kelly signed a four-year contract on Tuesday. According to the Wholesale nfl Jerseys media, the total value of this contract is 16 million US dollars, including 5.4 million US dollars.

Americas players were punished for 30,387 dollars due to collision refereesJacksonville’s defensive line players Yangnick NGAKOUE) Because the body contact referee in the 49 people in San Francisco last Sunday was $ 30,397.

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