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Although Murray has contributed the most running guard last season, due to the joining of two rhetorical running guards, the team’s ground offense has not appeared in previous years. Due to the excellent performance of the two rookie, the raid people may choose to send away Murray.

The raids of 22.8 have no difference in the loss of 27.0, and the new area cover system has not yet grinded, and the second line is born with the opponent’s bombardment. The injured lightning defensive group is a key reason for the team that the team is not expected, and behind the highlights of the light and anti-transmission.

“We lost Tyrell Williams (Tyrell Williams) this big weapon, many people in this location have to fill his position,” Mike Williams said. “I feel that I have a level you should. I feel that I can fill his position … I feel that my role will change. I feel more opportunities than last year. There will be more ball pass than last year. I. I am looking forward to such a day. “

Lightning, Mac-Williams is expected to play more important rolesBeijing June 18th, in the critical competition in the last season, Mike Williams took a wonderful performance in important moments to help Los Angeles lightning.

Wild Horse Run Take Charles hopes to receive the Chief Fans WelcomeJamal Charles, the current wild horse riding, does not confirm that the emergence will let the chief fans react. But he does hope that fans can remember that they brought to the chief.

“Because I played a wild horse, I think I am a traitor, but I just want to have a ball,” Charles said, “I am very happy to let me continue to dream & hellip; & hellip; but wait until I retired, my heart Will still be with the chief. “

The relationship between Ratvis Murray and the raid is coming to the endLast season, Auckland raids have a significant results in their ground attack, including Latavius ​​Murray, Jalen Richard and Dondel – Washington Deandre Washington’s credit.

The lightning season did not reach the expectation, the 290.7 yards of the average column of the League, the first echelon, temporary offensive coordinator Shane Steichen seems to find Melwen – Gordon (Melvin) Gordon and Austin Ekeler’s use balance. Aspect, the West Coast system of Jon Gruden, started to kill the quarter after the year of the year, although the performance is unstable, Derek Carr Many times played the price, “home dragon, passenger insect” running Weight Josh Jacobs 106.8 yards in Auckland, 1.5 reached It is not to be underestimated.

However, if you don’t continue to be Murray, the team will have something to eat on the body of the running guard. Whether it is Richard or Washington, it is a smaller running guard, and Murray is greater, which will help The team’s 1 code line tactics, relying on the body advantage in Murray to complete 12 1 yard lines of mushrooms.

Shazore said: “I still have the heart of the celebrities, I still want to be the best line guards of NFL. I will not give up my own goals, don’t let me not give up. I will continue to work hard, I hope to be as soon as possible return.”

[Events Preface] Top 10th Night Tournament: Auckland raid VS Los Angeles LightningThe two “dead ends” in Califinal will be boarded on this week. The same is a rapids of a rancher for a playoffs for the four-winning Los Angeles lightning and the Auckland raid. This is also the last time the “Black Cave Legion” last at the door Cheap Jerseys From China of 59 years old.

“People can evaluate me casually,” he said. “But in the end, I am proud of my performance. I am proud of my achievements. I have made myself better. I have made my family’s life better. I have a chance to play beautiful in the university. Performance, in NFL performance, but this does not matter. “

As a historic partition opponent, the raid person has a slight advantage in the past 118 dialogue, but has not yet defeated lightning two years. This season, the two teams have played a gorgeous attack.

When he and Kan Nan-Allen (Keenan Allen) and Travis Benjamin became the shortcomings of the lack of stability when the flash of lightning, the shortcomings of the stability of the stability needed to be improved.

“This is the third season I am at the offensive group,” he said. “I am more confident for playing on the court. My role will become more important after Terrell is. I am looking forward to this. I am ready to complete some attacks in the new season.”

Williams has an ideal height of NFL, but he has been difficult to get enough in lightning, but his performance has been progressing. At the rookie season, he played 10 games, including 1 game, completed 95 yards in 11 times, and he played 16 games last season, in which the first 5 games were completed, and the 664 yards were taken 10 times. Reach. Such trends indicate that Williams can get flying progress in the 2019 season.

The front first round show four-point guard last time, the effectiveness of a professional team was quickly adding AAF last year, but AAF declared bankruptcy during the season. Nowadays, Manzell’s main sports activities are golf.

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