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On the other hand, Bayli, on the 6th and 7th weeks, the Bay Jayey, is a full point, and 10 shot is attempted to be hit (7 of which additional shot). However, Bayli’s kicking capacity is also increased, 12 times a ball is only 2 times.

Bill kick the ball Hao Sikou hip sore pain failed to trainThe training of Bill team lacked a player’s figure. According to ESPN reporters, Stephen has not participated in the training, followed by Sean McDermott for a longer period of time.

However, in his 6 years of career, Surmond has been injured many times, including the 2014 season leading to the New York giant to play 67-slave defensive chest muscles. The last season is his life for the first 16 games in his career.

Surmond got this quotation contract and was unmracused. In the first year of his transition to the safe place, Surmond performance was very good at Philadelphia eagle. He and Malcolm Jenkins form one of the best safety combinations of alliances. Surmond can serve as a multi-sided ability of security guards and corner to make him a player who chased many teams.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork report, Ian Rapoport reported, lightning crowded the Kelly cloth – Sturgis Caleb Sturgis. The team officially confirmed this news. Corresponding, lightning is promoted from the training lineup to promote the spooky player Michael Badgley.

This move is not accidentally unexpected. In Sunday victory, Stegis’s performance can only be described in an integrated manner. After the four-headed muscles returned, the 29-year-old old will kicked two additional shootings, and 42 yards were arbitrary. This lost 5 points also give the Hawks to the Hawks.

Nfl announced this year Water Papent ListingsNFL has announced the final candidate list of Walter Payton prizes, this award aims to reward players who have outstanding contributions inside and outside the court. The special badge will be sewn on the winner jersey. There will be this badge in Drew Brees in Drew Brees on Thursday, DREW BREES. Giants quad 卫 莱 Manning (Eli Manning), red rumors, Lari Fitzgerald, cowboy close-edge SENSON – Witten and Black Leopard This badge will also appear on the jersey after Davis Davis.

“We didn’t feel that it was very cheap Jerseys from china when we finished the contract. At that time, this contract was really expensive.” Blackburn said, “We completed the contract because of the ability to believe Dalton, I believe he can lead the team in the alliance Mid win. He has proven his ability. We also know that statistics, reward your own players, keep the core power is the key to win. We understand that the four-point guards will be more crazy, we will find the right Time to update the contract, but now it is not suitable. Now we care about how to build the best team. “

Dalton will receive 13.9 million salary this season, which is low for the first quarter of the non-rookie contract. He left a three-year contract, but Dalton’s passenger ratings in the past three years have been declining, and it seems that the salary seems to be less reality.

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